Abandoned churches all over the world

Abandoned churches, including abbeys and temples, were built in many parts of the world as symbols of faith and devotion. In most cases they belong to Catholicism, although there are other religions as well. They were built hand in hand with the architectural movements then in vogue.

abandoned churches, abbeys and temples
Whitby Abbey in England
Numerous abandoned churches, abbeys and temples can be found in different parts of the world

The abandoned churches, abbeys and temples are spread across the five continents and mainly in Europe and represent true gems of architecture. However, many of these structures, despite their history and the effort that went into building them, have been completely abandoned. In some cases due to immigration reasons, others due to natural disasters or a change in the beliefs of the local community members. There are many who suffer from abandonment and have become gloomy and lifeless buildings.

Some of these designs are more recognized
San Martín de Tours church in Spain

It was built in Belchite Viejo in the province of Zaragoza in the early 15th century. In the 18th century the nave was enlarged and a beautiful facade was built for it. His current role is due to the deterioration he suffered at the Battle of Belchite during the Civil War.

Tintern Abbey in Wales

It was built in the Wye Valley near the border with England. Its origin dates back to 1131 when the monks were looking for a secluded place to build their abbey. Construction of the ruins that can be seen today began on that date and continued for a hundred years. In the 16th century, King Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries and confiscated the property of the church. When the masonry was used for other structures, the abbey was in ruins.

Whitby Abbey in England

It is a Benedictine Abbey in North Yorkshire that was built from the year 657. As usual with the Celts, she was responsible for abbesses and had the same sad ending as the previous one. The change of cult to Anglicism ordered by Henry VIII led to the abandonment of such a beautiful building in Gothic style. During the First World War, the building was bombed by German ships and suffered considerable damage.

Whitby Abbey in England
Petra in Jordan

Built in the stone of the mountain, it is beautifully carved and known as the lost city. While not a Church of Catholic Worship, it is one of the wonders of antiquity created by the Nabataeans in the 7th century BC.

Churches, abbeys and temples in the world

It is located in an intricate canyon known as the Siq and has been abandoned since the Middle Ages. It is more than a kilometer long and a maximum of two meters wide. All are carved into the stone of the mountain. Discovered by westerners in 1812, it became world famous for its appearance in one of the Indiana Jones films.

abandoned churches, abbeys and temples
Church of San Juan Parangaricutiro in Mexico

It is located in Michoacan Province, where it is a miracle that the church is still standing. The city of San Juan Parangaricutiro was destroyed by an avalanche of lava and earth caused by a volcano that erupted on February 20, 1943.

While there are many more, the authorities of some countries do not allow their visit for fear of looting. Other churches and temples keep their location anonymous and only have access to professional photographers who are committed to the heritage of the place.

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