Adobe tests a free, online version of Photoshop

Adobe photoshop

Adobe has started testing, so far only in Canada, a free, online version of Photoshopits popular photo retouching software. Adobe describes this service as freemiumwhich means that many of the options will be available for free, but to access some of them you will have to pay a fee.

Photoshop, online and free, I would bet on one model freemium so that some options or tools would be paid for

Users would have access for free to a set of tools that Adobe considers the key features of Photoshop. Maria Yap, Adobe’s vice president of Digital Imaging, explains that in this way they are looking to “make Photoshop more accessible and simpler so that more people can try it out and experiment with the product.”

First web version of Photoshop appeared last October and was about a simplification of the application content that allows the use of basic editing tools. Some, such as layer management were present, but more advanced ones were not available. Adobe has since added some updates, including for example collaborative editing modes.

Photoshop online

In this Adobe strategy is contained the germ for make Photoshop easier to use for users of devices such as Chromebookswhich will now be able to work with this tool through the web version, without the need for high-powered devices. This continues to expand the possibilities of using this software on different platforms. In fact it was not too long ago, in 2018, when it was announced that Photoshop would finally arrive on the iPad.

From Adobe they have provided us with more details regarding a timetable that will allow access to the free and online version of Photoshop in other countries beyond this first experience in Canada. In the meantime, updates continue to progressively add features.

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