Airbnb officially bans parties

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Airbnb had introduced a rule a few weeks ago that in some countries – including the UK and Spain – restricted entire home rentals to people under the age of 25 to reduce the possibility of mass parties in the accommodations.

The company does not allow reservations for more than 16 people in the properties it manages

However, the move has proven inefficient and the company has gone a step further and has just made an unprecedented decision: All parties are forbiddenEvents cannot be held in the accommodations that users rent through the platform.

The measure that is Use in all countries in which Airbnb is present, has already been added to the tool’s terms of use and, according to the company, is “effective immediately and until further notices” This includes a maximum of 16 guests in high capacity accommodations. Those with room for more people will find their capacity constrained if they want to continue being part of Airbnb, even though the company is already working to prevent small boutique hotels that allow reservations through the platform from changing their current capacity maintained.

The company stated that “unauthorized” parties were always prohibited on the platform, even if the landlords specifically allowed it, in order to maintain the noise level and avoid inconvenience to the neighbors. Now, however, the measure is being broadly expanded in all cities and countries. on the occasion of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures.

Airbnb no longer allows the Parties Allowed banner to be used when searching for accommodation. In addition, a special clause has been included, according to which both guests and landlords are obliged to comply with local hygiene regulations.

With nightlife shutting down in many cities, Airbnb admits that many users have made it a habit Rent accommodation to create your “own bars” and venues ». With this in mind, it has decided to take action and change its Terms of Use to ban all types of parties.

In addition to the ban on parties, Airbnb announced its IPO todayA measure that comes as a surprise after 25% of the workforce was recently laid off due to the tourism crisis that caused the coronavirus pandemic. Be that as it may, Airbnb is already preparing its next public offering of shares, as promised in 2019 when it assured it would take place later in 2020.

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