Alaska islands that are a volcano

Alaska not only has ice, but also fire … and lava. A group of volcanic islands in the Aleutian chain of Alaska appears to be a single giant volcano. The volcanic caldera would belong to the same category of volcanoes as the Yellowstone caldera. An outbreak would have serious global consequences. The islands of Alaska, which are a huge volcano, can be a great threat.

The islands of Alaska, which are a huge volcano, are a threat.
The islands of Alaska, which are a huge volcano, are a threat.
Boiler vs. Volcanoes

They are called the Four Mountain Islands in the Central Aleutian Islands. They are a compact group of six stratovolcanoes: steep conical mountains with clouds and ash on top. They can have powerful eruptions, like the one on Mount St. Helena in 1980. But they are dwarfed by much rarer eruptions that form calderas.

Mount Cleveland, the group’s most active volcano, was examined. There are several indications of an interconnected boiler.

Stratovolcanoes tend to explode small to modest deposits of magma. However, a caldera is created by touching a huge deposit in the earth’s crust. What if the pressure of the reservoir exceeds the force of the crust? In a catastrophic eruption, gigantic amounts of lava and ash are released.

Let’s hope, of course, that these are just isolated volcanoes.
Rock the earth

Caldera-forming eruptions are the most explosive volcanic eruptions on earth. The eruption of the nearby Okmok volcano in 43 BC. C. had to do with the collapse of the Roman Republic. The proposed caldera below the Four Mountain Islands would be even larger than Okmok. If confirmed, it would be the first in the Aleutians to hide underwater, said Diana Roman.

“We looked for dates under the sofa cushions,” said Diana Roman. She is from the Carnegie Institution for Science and a co-author of the study. “But everything we look at corresponds to a caldera in this region.” You may need to gather even more direct evidence to fully test your hypothesis.

“We hope to collect more seismic and gravitational data and study a lot more geothermal areas,” Roman said in a statement.

The islands of Alaska, which are theoretically a volcano, are just islands right now … for now.

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