All services that Google closed in 2020

Throughout history, Google, which is so productively building applications and services, has also shut down more than a hundred apps and even social networks like Google+. In 2020, Google’s Sense hasn’t stopped working either. Either because it is not profitable or because it has not been approved by users, there have been numerous Google developments that have closed their doors this year as well.

Google has shut down more than a hundred services over the course of its history

These are the tools that Google closed or merged with others in 2020:

-Google Password Extension– This feature allowed users to check if the passwords used in the Chrome browser were hacked. The search engine ended this tool, albeit not completely, in 2020 as it was built into their web browser and called “Google Password Checkup” and the verification can be done quickly and directly after installation. It even reports irregularities in passwords so that the user can change them and feel more protected.

-Google Hangouts: With this chat tool from Google, the days have been counted since Google announced the closure for 2020 in 2018. Although Hangouts is currently still active, the company has already removed some features, such as: B. the ability to make group video calls or share your location with other contacts. Google Chat will definitely replace it in 2021.

-Google laces: It was a social network that was launched in mid-2019 as another attempt by the search engine to have its own social platform. It served to bring users with common interests together in the same place. However, it was closed in May 2020.

-Google Play Music: This service was launched in 2011 to give users access to streaming music. However, that year it was replaced by YouTube Music.

-Trustworthy contacts: This app allowed you to find out the status and location of a trusted person who did not answer a call. This app was removed from the Play Store this year. However, there is a similar app on Google Maps called “Location Sharing” that can be used to discover a user’s location in real time at any time, not just in an emergency.

-Google Cloud Print: It is a service that was launched in 2010. It has since been kept as a beta version and has been used to enable printing of documents or files from the internet with Chrome. The completion of this tool will definitely take place on December 31, 2020.

-Google One today: It was a service that nonprofits could use to get donations from users. It was introduced in 2013 and closed in early 2020 due to low usage.

-Google Fiber TV: It was a subscription television service that Google wanted to close in February 2020. The company recommended that users migrate to other platforms such as YouTube TV, FuboTV, SlingTV, and Philo.

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