All streaming platforms in Argentina

List of the best streaming platforms in Argentina

During the last years, the streaming platforms in Argentina They have become a magnificent alternative to traditional cable operators. These services allow you to watch television without an antenna over the Internet at generally more reasonable prices.

Furthermore, the range of streaming platforms available in Argentina not only includes audiovisual content giants such as Netflix, but also free options such as Pluto TV or cheaper options such as Amazon Prime Video. Below you will find a list with all the available ones.

Streaming services that can be contracted in Argentina

Currently, when it comes to streaming digital content online in Argentina, Netflix continues to dominate the scene. Especially among the movie-loving public and lovers of television series.

However, the list of options to watch all types of programs, and even live sports from Argentine territory, is quite extensive:

– Netflix: one of the most expensive currently, but in exchange you can see exclusive programming, such as La Casa de Papel, Pasión de Gavilanes, the live action One Piece series, among other world-class film premieres.

–Amazon Prime Video: With a single subscription plan, Prime Video is one of the most complete and economical services that can be contracted in Argentina. Some of its most famous programs are the series The Boys and “Maradona, blessed dream.”

– HBO Max: Without a doubt the best place to watch blockbuster movies and Warner releases, documentaries, trending series like The Last Of Us and iconic shows like Game of Thrones and The Succession.

– Apple TV+: another of the most affordable alternatives to watch series and movies. In addition, it is one of the few that still offers free trial periods. In the Apple TV+ catalog you can find movies like Tetris and famous series like Ted Lasso.

More streaming audiovisual content platforms in Argentina

– Pluto TV: As in other areas of the world where it is available, Pluto TV is completely free in Argentina. Simply download the app for smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TVs to start watching endless movies, series and live TV.

– Starzplay: In its catalog you can get a wide variety of series and movies. However, what is most striking about Starzplay is its affordable subscription fee.

– It is part of the list of affordable platforms to watch series and movies. To enjoy Qubit you don’t need to download any app, just enter from any of your devices.

– As its name suggests, it focuses on film productions. However, the most striking thing about is the fact that it is a free platform, except for premieres, for which a particular fee is charged.

–Flow: It is a platform to access other services where you have subscribed, such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, etc. Flow is free for Cablevisión users.

– MUBI: one of the best options to watch live programming on its varied list of channels.

– Disney Plus: the ideal place to watch all Disney and Pixar content. On this platform you will find series and movies from the Marvel universe, Star Wars, among other popular franchises.

– Star Plus: one of the best platforms to watch sports on the Internet, as it allows you to watch broadcasts of ESPN football games. By contracting the Combo Plus (Star Plus + Disney Plus) you have access to countless series, movies and all types of exclusive productions.

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