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Google has announced a number of new features that will hit Google Meet, its video calling application, that will specifically impact the user experience on both large computer screens and smaller cell phone screens. These will be among those that the company presented on Google Meet a few weeks ago Improve online teaching and training.

The news will arrive on Google Meet for all users in May

Google is changing the Google Meet interface to make videos clearer, make the presentation options more attractive, and make the navigation bar easier to use. Some of these novelties are already in other video calling applications like Zoom or Skype, while others are being launched for the first time by Google.

-Options for the personal thumbnail. Google Meet introduces new ways to view your picture during a video call. For example, it can be completely hidden or minimized to make it look even smaller.

The user can resize and reposition as they please so that other elements of the video call are not affected. He can even place them next to the other participants’ other thumbnails and choose their order.

-Improvements in the presentations. When you’re viewing your screen or a slideshow, it’s easier to leave any of this content unchanged or resize it so more people can see it, and to improve the transition between one slide or another.

-Navigation bar. Google Meet improves the management of the bottom navigation bar, giving users more configuration options. This way they can control chats or attachments from this bar and have more space to present during the call.

The End Call button is separated from the Turn Off Microphone and Turn Off Camera buttons, which are now too close together … and could result in a user accidentally dropping the call by pressing the button when For example, the reality he wanted was to mute his microphone.

-Automatic lighting. Google Meet is bringing the “dark mode” that can now be used on mobile phones to the web version. It’s not a dark mode like other apps that change the application’s background from white to black.

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