Alternatives to OnlyFans for selling private content

Online commerce and selling digital content have become increasingly popular in recent years, and selling private content online can be a great way to make money. Fortunately, there are a variety of alternatives to OnlyFans available, offering different advantages over the service. From specialized websites to content-management systems, these solutions make it easy for digital content creators to securely accept payments and grow their income streams.

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OnlyFans has become in a short time an incredibly famous platform. Its operation is simple: a person offers private content in exchange for money. Of course, much of the content offered on the platform is of a sexual nature, although not everything has to be erotic content on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is not the only Internet platform that you can use to make money by selling your content

But despite its fame, OnlyFans is not the only platform of these characteristics and due to recent changes in its monetary policies, not all users are happy with OnlyFans. We show you five other alternatives to OnlyFans where you can sell private content and earn money:

The best alternatives to OnlyFans

-Manyvids: Manyvids is a platform dedicated to selling self-produced pornography. But it has several fan club options, such as MV Crush. This premium subscription service allows fans of a model to subscribe and receive content specially made for them. MV Crush pays 80% of the proceeds to the creators, making it a very profitable option.

-Justforfans: This platform is one of the most similar to OnlyFans, so users of this one will find themselves in familiar territory, as it offers the same selling and subscription options. Justforfans offers the same commissions as OnlyFans, i.e. 20%. All genders have a place when it comes to selling content, compared to sites like IsMyGirl that only accept female content creators.

This is one of the newer platforms of its kind, so expect it to receive improvements in the coming months.

-Membershyp: Memebershyp differs a bit from the rest of the platforms, as it does not allow you to upload content directly. Instead, this site allows you to sell subscriptions to other social networks such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Kik and manage these subscriptions from the site. Membershyp users can keep 90% of the money received, which makes this alternative one of the best paying ones.

It should be noted that while these subscriptions are geared towards sexual content, both Snapchat and Instagram prohibit any public sexual content, so interactions would be limited to private messages.

-IWantFanClub: This site has all the features of OnlyFans but is completely oriented to the adult entertainment industry. The commissions the service takes are 28% of the revenue, slightly higher than OnlyFans. IWantFanClub specializes in fetishes, so more traditional sexual content is not as successful on this platform.

-AVN Stars: In addition to the subscription model it allows the individual sale of videos and images, offers instant messaging service and allows to get tips from fans. AVN is one of the most important and long-lived companies in the world of audiovisual porn and keeps 20% of the revenue from content creators.

-FanCenter: Very similar to OnlyFans, subscribers can subscribe to the channels of their content creators (mostly female creators). The percentage that the platform takes is 25% of the subscription (OnlyFans keeps 20%).

-Justforfans: This platform is composed almost entirely of sex and porn industry professionals and will continue to allow the publication of sexually explicit content. The platform keeps 30% of the profits.

Platforms for all types of content.

-InkedGirls: This niche subscription content platform specializes in tattooed female content creators.

-IsMyGirl: This platform offers the option to create a fan club much like OnlyFans. In addition to monthly subscriptions, people using this platform can make money by selling videos on a one-off basis, through private messaging, selling Snapchat subscriptions, and through live video broadcasts.

IsMyGirl keeps 30% of the money received compared to the 20% retained by OnlyFans, although it is much more focused on adult entertainment, making it a good option for those selling specialized content.

-IsMyGuy: Very similar in operation to the rest of these platforms, its specialty is in content generated by male authors. In fact, its name “Is My Guy” could be translated as “Es Mi Chico”.

-LoyalFans: The platform keeps 20% of the profits earned by content creators, who have been assured by a recent statement that they will be able to continue to share sexually explicit content with their subscribers by allowing “all forms of consensual and creative expression.”

-MyGirlFund: Specializing in one-to-one chats, content creators can also offer personalized services in which they share images or videos. Creators receive 1 credit (equivalent to $1.80) for each message they respond to. This platform, in which users subscribe to channels where they access exclusive content, has a strong presence in Europe, especially in the French market.

-FanFix: A platform like OnlyFans, in which to create content of all kinds, although it bets on “clean” topics. FanFix also allows you to monetize content and earn money.

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