Amazon buys the Wondery podcast network to compete with Spotify

Wondery, one of the largest independent podcast networks in the world, is being bought by Amazon, a company that is testing Spotify – which recently bought Megaphone – to become the queen of the world’s podcast market.

Amazon will integrate Wondery with Amazon Music

For the music streaming service of Swedish origin, podcasts have become a cornerstone of its strategy and are building its growth. Amazon has Amazon Music, which launched its podcast service last September, but has now also announced it will take over Wondery, which will dispel rumors that Apple or Sony could take over Wondery in one fell swoop.

The company has and will mean the acquisition, which will be completed in the first few months of the year Wondery becomes part of Amazon Music. However, the company has not confirmed the price it paid for the network. In either case, Wondery is estimated to be worth nearly $ 300 million.

It has been confirmed that Wondery’s previous CEO, Hernan López, will leave the company as soon as Amazon’s acquisition deal is closed. It will be the current COO of Wondery who will take over the business.

Amazon has realized that it will not change its podcast programming policy for Amazon Music after acquiring Wondery, although it specifically states that doing so will mean accelerating the growth and evolving opportunities for both developers and listeners Public. Programs all over the world.

What is not known is not how the acquisition will affect Audible, Amazon’s platform that creates its own podcasts and markets them to the public. It could be that in the future Amazon Music podcasts and Audible podcasts will be integrated into a single product, but both platforms will continue to exist independently for the time being.

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