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Amazon Care, the virtual service specializing in health launched in 2019 will cease to be operational on December 31 this year as announced by Amazon.

Amazon had previously shown (and continues to show) its interest in the healthcare sector with the acquisition of other pharmaceutical and healthcare companies

Neil Lindsay, vice president of Amazon Health, has expressed when communicating the closure of the service that they had not achieved their initial goal of large enterprise customers, in addition to having detected that in the long term it was not going to reach the expected rate of operation.

Amazon Care initially started its operation as a virtual health service with online care for Amazon employees in Seattle, but progressively expanded to cover all 50 states in the Union last February, including mental health care through an agreement with a company specializing in mental health care.

Health services were eventually offered not only to Amazon employees but also to companies (so that their employees would be covered) and even to individuals who can contract this type of services.

The closure of Amazon Care comes in parallel with the company’s interest in acquiring medical and health care services companies such as One Medical or Signify Health, the latter company specializing in technology to provide home health services.

A market, that of health and health services, very lucrative and where apps flourish and which is not new in the interests of Amazon, which already acquired the pharmaceutical company PillPack in 2018.

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