Amazon Drive, Amazon’s cloud storage service, closes down


An old adage explains that “press is telling that lord Jones is dead to people who didn’t know lord Jones was alive“, and it is possible that something similar will happen with the announcement that at the end of the year 2023 amazon Drive will closea cloud storage service provided by Amazon that many people may now discover existed.

Pictures and videos stored in Amazon Drive can be moved to Amazon Photos

That could be one of the reasons to explain why it was closed, and is that it is probably one of the services that was less used by customers and users of the various Amazon services.

The good news, as far as it is possible, for users of this service is that this early announcement of its closure allows more than a year to find an alternative, since december 31, 2023 will be the last day of operation of Amazon Drive. Prior to that time this Amazon Cloud will prevent the storage of new files from January 31, 2023.

But those who will have to hurry a bit more to find an alternative in terms of storage space in the Cloud are the users of the amazon Drive apps for iOS and Android will have an earlier date to watch for, since will be October 31, 2022 when they will cease to be operational.

Amazon has sent an email to all users of its Amazon Drive service warning about the termination of the operation of this platform, with the warning that for all stored content that are images and videos there is the possibility to store and organize them in Amazon Photosthe Cloud space also provided by Amazon where other types of files cannot be stored.

For this assumption it is recommended to manage the transfer of files using the desktop application, available on both Windows and macOS, especially if large files are involved. Amazon justifies the decision to cancel the operation of Amazon Drive in its intention to focus its efforts on Amazon Photos, from where to compete against the Clouds for photo storage from Apple and Google.

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