Amazon Echo not working: how to fix the most common errors

The Amazon Echo is one of the best devices to complement your smart home, as it will allow you to listen to music, get news about the weather, listen to audiobooks, access your favorite podcasts and much more. However, the equipment can present a series of failures at any time, but these are easy to solve.

So, if you have an Amazon Echo speaker that is not working as it should, don't worry, here you will learn a series of tricks that will easily fix the device. Just follow our instructions to get rid of the problem.

Solutions for the failures of your Amazon Echo

We will give a series of instructions that will help you solve the audio problems of the Amazon Echo.

– Reset the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection: When the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal is not strong enough, you may have problems with the device's sound. So, if the signal is weak, unplug the device and move it closer to the router to get a better connection. Likewise, you can renew the Bluetooth pairing, to achieve this, forget the speaker connection on your mobile, computer or tablet and pair it again.

– Reconnect the Amazon Echo cable: A simple trick, if the sound reproduction is not the best, unplug the power cable and plug it back in. This simple procedure will cause the device to reboot, which may be enough to resolve any issues.

– Confirm Alexa audio settings: If the sound is not clear, try to arrange it in a better way. All you have to do is enter the Alexa audio options to adjust the treble, medium and bass sounds. While you make adjustments, keep your Echo on to test the changes. Sound settings are found under “Devices,” then tap the gear icon and select “Audio Settings.”

– Restart the device: A factory reset will, in most cases, clear up any annoying bugs. Just press and hold the volume down and microphone off button for 15 or 20 seconds to perform the reset. The Echo light ring will flash on and off repeatedly, indicating that the reset is in progress.

– Update the Alexa app: If you do not have the latest version of the app enabled, this will cause compatibility issues between the app and the speaker. To check if the app has an update, just go to your mobile app store and search for Alexa.

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