Amazon prepares its own audiochat rooms as Clubhouse

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Audiochat rooms, those spaces where users can participate in a live conversation as if it were an online chat or presentation, have become a priority for many social platforms after the success experienced by Clubhouse in the first months of the year.

Amazon may integrate its audio chat service with Twitch

Although the euphoria has faded a bit, in these months Twitter has launched Twitter Spaces, Spotify has Greenroom, its own audiochat rooms, and also Facebook has them ready, ready to be tested already by a small group of users.

There are more online companies that have shown interest in having their own audiochat rooms, such as Discord, Reddit, and even LinkedIn is working on them. Now we know that there is another Internet giant that also wants to have its own copy of Clubhouse. It’s Amazon.

Jeff Bezos’ company is investing heavily to develop its own audiochat room platform. In this case, the firm wants to focus on the possibility of broadcasting live music formats, as well as podcasts, thus launching itself to compete directly with Spotify.

Having its own audiochat platform would allow Amazon to also offer large amount of content exclusively on Amazon Music and also through their smart speakers and virtual assistant, Alexa.

It is known that the company is already in talks with major record labels and music producers to also close the development of live events on the platform with top artists.

As noted by the specialized portal Axios, Amazon is even considering integrating the tool for creating audiochat rooms in its live video service Twitch.

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