Amazon Prime Video will show ads from 2024

The new year will also bring a change in Amazon Prime Video’s business model. The audiovisual streaming platform owned by Amazon will not raise its prices as it did in previous years by increasing the price of Prime, the subscription that gives access to Prime Video, but in exchange, it will begin to include advertising in the content.

The arrival of ads on Amazon Prime Video It will take place gradually. Starting January 29, Amazon Prime Video will show ads to subscribers in the United States. These will be the first to begin to see the best Amazon Prime Video movies and the platform’s best series interrupted to display advertising.

A week later, Amazon Prime Video subscribers in the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada will begin to see advertising in streaming content.

As Amazon has noted, The change will arrive in Spain “at the end of 2024”, without specifying a specific date. Until the time comes, Spanish subscribers will be able to continue consuming Amazon Prime Video content without advertising. The same will happen in the case of subscribers in France, Italy, Mexico and Australia, who will also not have to endure ads until the end of the year.

Amazon Prime Video thus joins other streaming audiovisual content platforms that already show advertising as a way of financing themselves not only with user subscriptions. Among others, Netflix, HBO Max and Disney + also show ads.

How to stop seeing advertising on Amazon Prime Video

In the case of Amazon Prime Video, users will have the option to avoid ads by paying an additional cost to the price of their subscription. Those who wish can pay 2.99 euros, dollars or pounds (depending on the currency of the country they are in) to continue enjoying their advertising-supported subscription.

This means that, even if there is no price increase this year, in practice… the final amount of the fee will increase for those who want to continue enjoying the service as before, without advertising.

This is a plus that they will have to actively hire. Those who wish to continue with their subscription as before, supporting ads, will not have to do anything specific.

Finally, it should be noted that advertising will be present – even for paying subscribers – in the live content broadcast by the platform. For example, in sports broadcasts or, in the case of Spain, in programs like Operación Triunfo.

Both subscribers who pay not to see advertising – and those who do not – will have to endure ads during the streaming platform’s live programming.

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