Analysis of solutions to male pattern baldness

According to data from the Abelross International Business study, 55.68% of men will experience hair loss during their lifetime. But when faced with this situation, are there any solutions to prevent such hair loss? What are the effects? Are They Effective?

In the following we analyze the most important existing solutions, always taking into account that the causes of hair loss are very different (genetic, hormonal, nutritional …). Hence, the recommended treatment is different for each person and it is advisable to go to an expert in order to find the best solution based on our needs.

Anti-hair loss products

Anti-hair loss treatments are products that, as the name suggests, are used to prevent hair loss.

Within this type of product there are very different solutions, both topical and oral, with completely different degrees of effectiveness.

The solutions that have shown greater effectiveness so far have been the drugs minoxidil and finasteride Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Both drugs can slow or stop hair loss, with their main drawbacks being possible side effects. The most common with minoxidil is skin irritation. In the finasteride the decrease of the livid.

There is no proven treatment that can regain density of hair and not just stop hair loss. Therefore, these products would not be valid solutions for more advanced alopecia.

The return of the DeLorean model
Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is the only solution that has been proven to be effective in regaining a certain density of your own hair. The operation consists in microtransplanting the hair follicles of the neck or sides to the areas where we want to achieve greater density.

The main disadvantages of this type of surgery are: that the results take up to 1 year to be effective; that it is important to take hair loss medication to preserve the grafts; and that it is necessary that the transplanted hair belong to us so that in many cases the operation will not achieve optimal results due to the amount of hair available or its quality.

Hair fibers

Unlike hair loss or hair transplant products, hair fibers are a cosmetic treatment. They make it possible to restore hair density in an aesthetic way, but it is not real hair.

These products are synthetic fibers, usually keratin or cotton, that stick to the hair and add volume quickly and guaranteed.

The main disadvantage is that not only are they a permanent solution for real hair, but they also disappear when you wash them.

Hair prosthesis

Hair prostheses, like hair fibers, are a cosmetic solution, although this is more permanent and real hair.

Image provided by Hair Solution. Before and after a client with a hair prosthesis

This solution consists in sticking to the scalp of the area we want to repopulate, human hair.

As adherent hair, the donor shouldn’t be ourselves so we can acquire systems of the volume and hair type we want that can be used by anyone and provide instant results. It doesn’t require medication.

The main disadvantages of this solution are that the capillary system has to be serviced every 7 to 10 days in order to achieve an optimal and undetectable appearance and that the system has to be changed every 3 to 16 months depending on the type of system chosen.

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