Ancient Egyptian sexuality was considered deviant and immoral

Much has been studied about Egypt and life in the ancient world. Little is said, however, about the pharaohs and sexuality in ancient Egypt. The early explorers destroyed much of the evidence from this period. This was done because they thought they were immoral. Many others ended up anonymously in private collections where they never saw or never will see the light, even though they belong to all of humanity.

Ancient Egyptian Sexual Practices

Ancient Egyptian sexuality was hidden because it was embarrassing to her

The truth is that until the 1980s, some studies of sexuality were unknown in ancient Egypt. For example the erotic papyrus of Turin from 1150 BC. The document describes the orgies that pharaohs, priests and the upper classes consumed at the time. When Champollion discovered it, he called it monstrous profanity.

Some of their customs are currently considered inappropriate and even deviant. Others are more natural, accepted, and inclusive in these times. Although it must be taken into account that they occurred thousands of years ago.

Ancient Egyptian sexuality

First of all, masturbation was allowed and welcomed; for them too, it meant the way in which the god Atum created the world. Atum means “the one who exists for himself” and as the product of his seed his god children and also the course of the Nile were born after masturbation.

They accepted oral sex. Proof of this is that Cleopatra was famous for this fact. Even the women who practiced it professionally had their lips painted. It was born from the myth of the murder of Osiris by his brother Seth, who dismembered the body and spread it all over Egypt. The wife and daughter of Osiris traveled through the kingdom collecting the body parts of Osiris. They found everything except his male member. So his wife made it out of clay and brought him back to life through oral sex.

They accepted the trade unions of very young couples and the cohabitation

Marriage unions took place when the woman was 14 and the men 16, although there is no record of this. Polygamy was allowed, but it was expensive to have multiple wives. Therefore it could only be done by civil servants or the upper class.

It was common to have large numbers of concubines, although the role of the legitimate woman should predominate within the home. The 91-year-old Pharaoh Ramses II had 20 queens and a very high number of concubines. It is said that he had more than 100 children.

Cohabitation was accepted in ancient Egypt

They usually had practices that are not accepted today

Incest was accepted, especially among the upper classes and in the families of the pharaohs who wanted a descendant of royal blood. Sibling relationships were accepted, including those of father and daughter. Incest was part of the initiation ritual when the youth arrived.

Zoophilia was also a common practice, the animal always taking on the male role and the female the female. Another deviant custom that they have practiced is necrophilia. The bodies were allowed to have sex before they were buried.

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