Ancient Roman mansion unearthed

The discovery was made by a group of archaeologists. They still continue excavations in the ancient Roman Forum in the heart of the Italian capital. There they found a multi-story house from the late Republican era. The unearthed Ancient Roman mansion exudes luxury and exoticism.

It dates back to the second half of the 2nd century to the end of the 1st century BC. This was reported by the country’s Ministry of Culture. ‘A luxurious mansion’, the ministry calls it in the statement. It is located in the area of ​​the Horrea Agrippiana ruins. It is a complex on the northern slope of the Palatine Hill. On some floors there is a space for parties, stylized as a grotto. It is equipped with lead pipes to supply water.

The unearthed Ancient Roman mansion has a rich interior.
The unearthed Ancient Roman mansion has a rich interior.

Wonderful mosaics

«A new house was discovered with an orderly environment with truly extraordinary mosaics. This represents an important finding. It once again demonstrates how important the work of the Colosseum Archaeological Park and the Ministry of Culture is. “They are constantly committed to promoting research, knowledge, protection and enhancement of our unique cultural heritage.” This was stated by the country’s Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, cited in the statement.

There is something that makes the find exceptional. They are “rustic style” wall mosaics. They are incomparable for “their complexity of the scenes represented and the chronology.” The text highlights that the mosaics of different types of shells. There are Egyptian blue tiles, crystal, tiny flakes of white marble, porous travertine and other types of stones. “They represent a complex sequence of imaginative scenes.”


An abundance of nautical themes predominates in the decoration. There are numerous bows and rudders of ships or seascapes. It could be that the owner of the house was related to the Naval Forces of Ancient Rome. Excavations are expected to be completed in early 2024. The unearthed Ancient Roman mansion will be accessible to the public. And with it, its extraordinary decoration.

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