Ancient Roman ship found

Who doesn’t look forward to discovering a treasure under the sea? In this case, it’s a historical treasure. A ship from ancient Rome was found under the sea. Something very interesting was found inside. They are jugs of wine, of Roman wine. They date from the second century BC.

An old Roman ship was found underwater off the coast.  He had amphorae with wine.
An old Roman ship was found underwater off the coast. He had amphorae with wine.
Coastal wreck

It happened in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy. There is a large supply of wine amphorae. The ship was found at a depth of 92 meters. It sank near the Sicilian province of Palermo. The find is one of the most important in recent years.

It had happened weeks before. Archaeologists from the region found another Roman shipwreck with a precious cargo. This ship was about 70 meters deep. It was sunk near the island of Ustica. It also contained numerous wine jugs from the 2nd century BC. C.

The finds prove the trading activity in the Mediterranean area in antiquity. The Romans are known to trade spices, wine, olives, and more. Not just in North Africa. Also in Spain, France and the Middle East, details The Guardian.

These are pictures of the shipwreck.
These are pictures of the shipwreck.
Treasures in the Mediterranean

“The Mediterranean gives us these precious elements again and again. We can rebuild our history related to maritime trade. Also used boats. Now we learn more about life on board and the relationships between the coastal residents. It He said Valeria Li Vigni, leader of the expedition responsible for the find.

There are numerous ancient Roman shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. Some have yet to be discovered by the authorities. The Italian police also confiscate hundreds of ancient Roman amphorae every year. They were illegally taken away by art dealers.

In June, the authorities found the archaeological remains of a Belgian collector. The collection comprised more than 800 pieces. It had items from the 6th century BC. And is worth 11 million euros – almost 13 million dollars. Now that an ancient Roman ship has been found with this particular treasure, we hope it stays in good hands.

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