Android TV vs Google TV comparison

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Android has become one of the pillars of Google’s success. With this software, manufacturers almost any electronic device are provided with a operating system that they can easily implement on them.

Android TV makes it easy for designers of electronic devices to install a reliable operating system with Google’s quality assurance.

Today it can be found in almost any gadget: home appliances, tablets, cell phones, cars and also the best smart TVs.

And this is where they come in Android TV and Google TV, two Google services, which share some common features and are intended for entertainment and multimedia dipositives.

What is Android TV

Android TV is a version of Android designed to be installed on smart TV and in thoughtful devices that “make TVs smart” (such as an Android Box or the Xiaomi TV Stick).

Many manufacturers use it to offer users access to services such as YouTube, Netflix and the extensive catalog of apps and games in the Google Play Store. In this way, the manufacturer does not need to invest time and effort in creating its own software, taking advantage of the guarantees of Google’s technology.

What is Google TV

Google TV is a version of Android TV, designed in a way. exclusively for Google devices such as Chromecast. In this way, Google can differentiate the software it installs on its own devices from the software it offers to other manufacturers.

Its main feature is that it uses machine learning, through the use of the Google Assistant and the Google Knowledge Graph (Knowledge Graph) to facilitate the search for content.

Similarities between Android TV and Google TV

First of all, it is the same operating system. As Google explains, when a developer creates an application for Android TV OS, it will also work on Google TV. This is because Google TV is a “layer” of Android TV..

In this sense, as both services belong to Google, you need a Google account to be able to use most of the applications.

Both are designed to get the best performance out of state-of-the-art screens, especially those that are large in size.

Android TV and Google TV allow the installation of a huge number of applications, as both systems implement the Google Play Store.

Both systems allow the voice control and both use Google Cast, a system that allows you to send audiovisual content from one device to another wirelessly. For example, you can send a YouTube video to the TV from your cell phone or tablet.

Differences between Android TV and Google TV

The biggest difference between the two systems is that Google TV only comes installed on Google devices, while. Android TV is installed on thousands of devices of different brands, qualities and specifications.

Another different feature is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Google TV, with which it is able to create personalized recommendations, something that in Android TV does not always appear.

The interface is also different, while Android TV’s interface usually changes depending on the manufacturer (which can implement customization layers or improvements), Google TV’s is always the same.

On the other hand, Google TV apps are designed to offer a more integrated experience, as they are all controlled by the dedicated app of the same name.

Google TV also integrates more elements of the Google ecosystem, with features such as video calling or smart device control that Android TV lacks.

In short, while Android TV is designed to offer brands composable and customizable software to install on their smart TVs, Google TV offers exclusivity and incorporates all of Google’s new features, bringing greater control over the operating system.

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