another way to get your driver’s license

The DGT makes two different modalities available to those interested in acquiring a driving license: The first and best known is the presentation of the theoretical test by the driving school. The second is the modality of being a freelance candidate, where you manage your files directly in front of the DGT, without intermediaries.

Obtaining a driving license for free has numerous advantages, from free time management to cost reduction, always bearing in mind that the driving schools charge a percentage for the administration of this procedure. In addition, the tariffs for direct management in the DGT are exact for both modalities.

Advantages of obtaining a driving license independently

The two ways to get a driver’s license: driving, general and freelance applicants, have their advantages and disadvantages. The former provides quicker access to information, while the latter is more convenient as you don’t have to go to a driving school to work on this important document.

The free mode offers great freedom, so it’s an ideal alternative if you don’t have a lot of time to go to a driving school or want to save some money. Manage the procedure before the DGT and Manage your time more effectivelywithout necessarily having to attend classes at certain times is one aspect that makes this modality very attractive.

Below are some of the Main advantages of the free candidate modality:

-Easy to manage your time.
-Freedom to study when and how you want.
-You manage your transit files yourself in front of the DGT without hiring an intermediary.
-You can reduce costs and save money as you only have to pay the mandatory DGT fees and of course the five mandatory practice hours.

On the contrary, a disadvantage of this modality compared to the general modality is that You need to collect all information and updated agendas, Aspects that driving schools offer in theory lessons. However, it is very easy to find information on the Internet, both in writing and on video. The most important thing is to ensure that the information is up-to-date and of course to invest enough time for it.

Either by the general modality or by the candidate by free, it is important to study. In fact, many people believe that taking a theory class at the driving school is enough to pass the exam, but it is not. This test requires a lot of preparatory work and organization, so it is also advisable to take a test in order to prepare yourself as well as possible. Ultimately, however, the fact is that you have to allocate the time before the exam date in order to know all the topics.

Steps to Obtain a Driver’s License with the Modality of Being a Freelance Candidate

The acquisition of the driving license according to this modality is a much easier process than it seems, with the advantage that you can study at the times that you find most convenient, while saving costs at the same time.

From the time you have reached the required minimum age, you can take this test against payment of the appropriate fee. Make sure you have all the available materials up to date, set study plans and give an approximate time that you will feel ready to take the exam. For the exam, however, you have to appear at the nearest regional traffic control center or at one of the local DGT examination centers.

Following that Steps you must follow to schedule an appointment to present this important exam:

1. Download all information and updated agendas in order to be able to prepare in advance for the presentation for the examination.

2. Go to a medical examination center Receive a report that confirms that you are fit to drive, both physically and mentally. This is a psychophysical fitness report.

3. Take two recent photos of yourself, with a white background, smooth, sharp and without additional accessories such as hats or dark glasses.

4. By having the above documents and having studied all the subjects, Visit the official website of the DGT.

5. Once you are on the page, click on “Appointment request“Which is located in the Procedure section.

6. After the previous step, another page opens with additional information, on which you have to click on the “Request previous appointment” option again.

7th Select the office where you would like to take the exam, and under the Process Types option, click Bureau Process.

8. Select “Area: Driver’s license tests”, fill in all fields calm down and check that all the details are correct before submitting the request.

9. Finally the system displays the appointment data, such as date, time, place and also the documents to be brought with you, including the examination sheet generated by the system.

On the day of the appointment, be sure to be there 10 or 15 minutes in advance and take it with you all necessary documents:

-Printed application for examination authorization.
-DNI, NIE or passport in the original and a copy. In the case of residents of the Community, they must also have the certificate of entry in the Register of Community Citizens with them.
-Psychological report.
-Two passport photos.
– Bring a credit or debit card to pay the applicable fee as cash payments are not accepted.

With a little organization, it will be possible to present and manage the test for obtaining the driver’s license without an intermediary. This can be translated into a considerable time and money savings, as well as great freedom, so it is an alternative that more people are adding every day. Obtaining the latest information is just as easy as the subsequent registration and presentation for the exam.

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