Anti-vampire cemetery in Poland

They are numerous human bones, probably from the 19th century. They have been discovered in a rural area in Luzino, northern Poland. Archaeologists working at the site reported a very peculiar find. It is an anti-vampire cemetery in Poland.

During the excavations, ancient local burial customs became apparent. Including anti-vampire practices, which were once very common in the region. This is reported in the local newspaper Nadmorski24.

An anti-vampire cemetery was found in Poland.
An anti-vampire cemetery was found in Poland.

Vampire danger

Some of the remains had been decapitated and had severed heads placed between the legs of the deceased. It is believed that the bodies were subjected to protective rituals. They protected them against the “curse of the vampires”. And a common practice in that area during the previous century.

“Interestingly, we have found anti-vampire burial customs. They are intended to isolate the deceased from the world of the living.” Archaeologist Maciej Stromski comments.

The Polish expert expands on the details of these rites. It was believed that if a member of the deceased’s family died shortly after the funeral, he could be a vampire. “Therefore, already after the burial, the grave was dug and the head of the deceased was cut off. This was placed on the legs,” Stromski explains. “For example, we found the case of a woman after decapitation. On her chest there was only the skull of a child,” the researcher added.

The cemetery was inside a religious compound.
The cemetery was within a religious compound.

Bricks to immobilize

Coins were also found in the mouths of skulls. What did popular beliefs say? That they served to neutralize the threat of vampirism. Further exploration revealed another fact. About 30% of the tombs contained bricks placed on the legs, arms and heads of the corpses.

According to the source, once the archaeological research is completed, the remains will be reburied in anti-vampire cemetery in Poland. In September 2022, the media had already reported the discovery of a 17th century tomb. It had an alleged vampire in a neighboring region.

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