Apple could launch a search engine to compete with Google

Apple Event

There have been rumors for years that Apple might develop its own search engine, and it may be announced next week, starting Monday, June 6.

Google paid Apple $15 billion in 2021 to make Google the default search engine on the Safari browser

It would be at one of the three events Apple has planned for this year at WWDC, the Worldwide Developers Forum where usually the focus is on software, but sometimes hardware devices are also glimpsed precisely because of the direction that operating systems or programs announced here may take.

The possibility has been advanced from his Twitter account by space computing strategy specialist Robert Scoble, citing that one of Apple’s three events for this year’s WWDC would be dedicated to next step in the development of Siri’s intelligenceand this would mean the confirmation that the aforementioned rumors about a proprietary search engine from the company founded by Steve Jobs were right.

Apple’s interest in web search dates back to 2014with the first signs of the development of Apple Spider. Later in 2015 there were those who managed to detect traces of the development of its evolution, AppleBot, which was even mentioned when John Giannandrea moved from working for Google to working for Apple in 2018.

The inclusion of apple’s own search engine would allow a significant improvement in Siri’s capabilities, in addition to all the added advantages of Apple having its own browser, although on the other hand it would jeopardize the agreement that the Californian company has with Google. The fact is that in 2021 Google paid Apple 15,000 million dollars to make Google the default search engine in its Safari browser.

This Apple’s own browser would go on to compete, in addition to the great reference, with other no less important ones such as Bing although perhaps the most appropriate reference would be DuckDuckGo, by the importance of privacy preservation which is also a common element among Apple’s concerns.

Other focal points of Apple’s specialized events at WWDC would be dedicated to augmented reality and the presentation of realityOS, a proprietary operating system that would enable the operation of another of the devices that have been rumored for years as the “next revolution” at Apple: augmented reality glasses.

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