Apple creates its “metaverse”, which it calls “reality”.

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Apple would have already culminated the development process of its own virtual reality environment.. While Facebook has chosen to call this ecosystem “metaverse”, Apple prefers the term “reality”.

Apple prefers to call its own virtual immersive ecosystem “reality.”

According to Mark Gurman, one of the main insiders of the ins and outs of Apple, the company headed by Tim Cook will not take long to start showing the first results of its own virtual reality environment that has been developed within the most complete secrecy. Rumors suggest that, although there is nothing official about it, the operating system that would serve as the basis for Apple’s “reality” would be called realityOS..

Faced with Facebook’s metaverse, which Mark Zuckerberg himself described during his presentation as open to other companies integrating into that ecosystem, Apple would have opted to have its own virtual reality, hence the insistence on not integrating into the metaverse and, for the time being, referring to its own immersive environment as “reality.”

Within Apple would be expanding the team that is working in this section, a team that receives the name Technology Development Group and continues to expand. In fact they are looking for profiles such as a software producer with experience in visual effects and gaming workflows who is able to create digital content for both augmented reality and virtual reality environments or software engineers specialized in the design and implementation of solutions that can be used by Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant.

The latter would indicate the important mission that Siri could play in the user’s management of the options available in Apple’s “reality”, which would be through voice instructions.

Alongside the development of the augmented reality ecosystem itself from this department is also looking to create a video service for its mixed reality glasses.The company is now in the midst of a complete ferment in this area and the content that could be enjoyed.

These glasses could appear in 2023 but, unlike other similar devices, it would be about a high-end viewer with a price tag that would range from $2,000 to $3,000.. A higher price than the competition, the Meta Quest Pro (1,799 euros) that would be justified by the great power it would boast. And there is talk that it could house the most powerful Apple chip, the M2, present in its latest Pro range computers and tablets.

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