Apple incorporates “Lockdown”, extreme protection in its operating systems

New versions of Apple’s operating systems for its device families incorporate new “extreme” security measures to deal with targeted attacks on very specific devices, a different type of attack from that suffered by most users.

Apple’s new total lockdown mode seeks to protect against Pegasus and similar attacks on computers of individuals and organizations targeted by “attack-state”

This is a security mode called Lockdown (Total Lockdown) and is capable of blocking all types of incoming messages, links leading to website previews as well as FaceTime invitations and calls from unknown users.

It also allows blocking wireless connections between computers or with accessories, as well as preventing new profiles from being added in the computer’s settings.

These are areas that have been found to be highly vulnerable by analyses carried out on computers attacked by the Pegasus software, attacks capable of exploiting an apparently innocent element such as an animated GIF sent via Messages (iMessage, Apple’s own instant messaging application),

Changes are introduced in operating systems:

-iOS 16 (of which we told you here all the news)

-iPadOS 16

-MacOS Ventura

At the moment the presence of this Lockdown Mode has been detected in Beta 3 for developers of the operating systems just mentioned. According to Apple, it is an optional full lock mode aimed at prevent attacks promoted from government agencies against certain individuals, companies and organizations that become strategic targets within the controversial and unstable international political landscape.

Ivan Krstic, head of security engineering and architecture at Apple, has stated in regard to this new security development in the brand’s operating systems, that there is a vast majority of users of its devices will never be the target of this type of attack or suffer its consequences.

However, it recognizes that it is the responsibility of the Cupertino company to work tirelessly to provide those of its users who do find themselves among the targets of such targeted attacks with specific defenses to enable them to deal with them. These security measures also support the groups and organizations around the world that are fighting against mercenary companies and states that make use of attacks such as those caused by Pegasus.

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