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Apple’s smart device ecosystem could expand into the ring segment. This is demonstrated by a patent registered by the Californian company on a smart ring which allows to control electronic devices.

A smart ring would allow to manage electronic devices as well as monitor physical activity and health-related aspects

As is always the case with patents the fact registering them does not mean that such devices will go to the assembly line immediatelybut it does at least allow us to explore the direction in which the company filing such a patent is moving. And in the case of Apple, with an ever-expanding ecosystem of various connected devices, it is not inconceivable that along with the headset, watch, haptic gloves for virtual reality and the ever-rumored smart glasses, a smart ring could be added at some point.

In fact there are several companies on the market already marketing devices of this type.

smart ring patent

The functions performed by a smart ring or smart ring are diverse: controlling electronic devices, receiving notifications, monitoring physical and sports activity and recording health data. Some of these devices allow collecting data such as the user’s heart rate or physical activity, others focus on enabling the management of electronic devices or, for example, managing the playback of a presentation.

Precisely these plots, physical/sports activity and healththe Apple Watch has been the most popular, as evidenced by the expansion of the functions in this regard in each generation of its Apple Watch smartwatch.

In the case of the device covered by the Apple patent, the presence of physical buttons is ruled out, since Cupertino considers them as “usually inefficient and/or ineffective.”and may limit the ways in which the user can interact with them for control purposes. Instead, Apple proposes that the ring (or rings, since several could be used at the same time) should detect and be able to respond to the gestures and movements of the finger (or fingers, if several are used).

This would involve a “language” that could be compared to that of touch gestures that can be performed on a touch screen, so that one or more touches or displacements would be the instruction to perform certain actions.

Apple has registered several patents related to smart rings since 2015, but at the moment it does not appear that commercially the launch of an iRing is too close.

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