Apple’s Augmented Reality glasses to arrive in 2024

VR glasses

By the end of 2024, Apple could present its long-rumored augmented reality glasses. So says Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong Intl Tech Research. His forecast is based on information concerning the firm Luxshare, specialized in various technological devices (especially audio), which would appear according to various analyses as one of Apple’s main suppliers for the period from the end of this year 2022 to 2024.

The augmented reality Apple Glasses would complement the iPhone as a sort of auxiliary external display showing additional information on the real-world view

Jeff Pu claims that Apple would be planning the arrival on the market of its virtual reality glasses for the second half of 2024, and it would be a device that, as with the Apple Watch smartwatch (especially in its first generations), would depend for its operation on an iPhone.

Another reputed analyst of the Apple ecosystem, Ming-Chi Kuo, already advanced that “Apple Glasses” would operate as an external display for the iPhoneso that you could interact with them without the need, in many cases, to take your phone out of your pocket.

The augmented reality glasses allow the user to have an additional layer of visual information which, projected onto the glass, adds data or indications superimposed on the visual information perceived from the real world. Messaging and social network notifications, addresses, data about the environment… the idea is to have a glimpse of data that complements what is in front of the eyes, represented in such a way that this information seems to “float” several meters away, adding digital context to the real environment.

At the same time, Pu claims that the development of the first generation of Apple’s augmented reality glasses would be taking place in parallel with the development of the second generation of the brand’s virtual reality device, which has not yet been presented and which, according to rumors and lucubrations of brand analysts, would reach the market in 2023.

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