Argentina is one of the most chosen countries to emigrate

Historically, after the United States, Argentina was the country that received the most immigrants during the 19th and 20th centuries. 6.5 million people arrived in the country, mainly from Europe, due to various crises, wars or to seek a better future. At the beginning of the 20th century, Argentina was a rich country, enough to become a world power, a fact that, in the end, did not happen.


Why do immigrants choose Argentina to live?

Currently, and despite the prevailing economic crisis and with inflation of 140% annually, it continues to be the Latin American country that foreigners most choose to stay to live.

Of the 46 million inhabitants reported by the last population census, more than three million are foreigners residing in the country. A figure that represents 6.5% of the total population. Although this figure does not include those foreigners who do not have their legalized residence and this can considerably increase the number

The reasons may be several. Education in Argentina is the best in Latin America, which is why many choose to study there, especially careers such as medicine. Many of these students come from neighboring countries, where university degrees are very expensive.

However, the opinion of foreigners is varied. The reasons why migrants are attracted to this country include the sense of community, the friendly treatment and acceptance they receive, as well as the vibrant energy of its citizens and lively nightlife.

Digital nomads choose Buenos Aires

It is also the country of choice for digital nomads, according to the global digital platform Nomadlist. The city of Buenos Aires was chosen as the best to live for professionals who decided to work remotely.

Among the reasons given by digital nomads is the accessibility of their costs, the climate, the food, access to health, freedom of expression, the good treatment of foreigners and their nightlife. Also, for the good acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and the low level of existing racism.

Buenos Aires

In total, the city of Buenos Aires obtained a score of 4.15 out of a possible 5. On the list, they were followed by a city in Indonesia, Canguu, with 3.99 points; Bangkok (Thailand) with 3.92; Lisbon (Portugal) with 3.88 and Mexico City with 3.87.

Russians also prefer Argentina to emigrate

According to CNN, Argentina is also chosen by many Russians to live and have children there. The phenomenon has been occurring since early 2022, mainly since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. One of the reasons is that the country does not require a visa to enter. Another is medical care, which is free even for foreign citizens.

According to the Finochietto private clinic, of the 180 births attended in December 2022, 50 corresponded to Russian mothers. Hanna Shaforostova, a 28-year-old Ukrainian citizen, has lived in Argentina for 8 years.

She is dedicated to helping Russian mothers who come to settle in the country. According to her statements, one of her biggest problems is the language. Although she was asked about the reason for the young mothers’ choice to reside in a country in economic crisis, she responded that they highlight the good treatment they receive from the community.

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