Artificial Intelligence tools for audio-to-text conversion

The most recent advances in artificial intelligence are managing to turn into a task that is performed automatically and with virtually no human intervention what until now was a tedious task: transcribing talks, conferences or interviews to text.

Some text transcription tools can work in any language and in real time thanks to artificial intelligence

Voice recordings of great length and complexity are reduced to simple tasks with the concurrence of different tools that in some cases are even able to automatically identify the language and even transcribe conversations in real time.

These are some of the most effective tools, developed by some of the most important and well-known companies in the technology sector:

-Amazon Transcribe: Its main target are companies and is specialized in real-time transcription of calls and conversations, being able to generate subtitles, automatically identifying the language. It transcribes only 60 minutes of audio per month for free, with different rates depending on the number of minutes per month of conversation to be transcribed.

-Google Speech-to-Text: In addition to providing audio-to-text transcriptions it also fulfills the function of voice control and is capable of providing interactive responses for customer service platforms. Transcripts are stored in the Google Cloud. The first 60 minutes of transcription are free of charge.

-IBM Watson Speech to Text: This is one of the longest-running tools and was developed to generate text files from audio recordings of naturally spoken voice. It is specifically aimed at customer service companies and also has virtual assistant functions. It offers 500 free minutes per month of transcription.

-Microsoft Azure Speech to Text: Handles over 100 languages and allows new words to be added to the vocabulary so that they can be recognized in future transcriptions.

-Nuance Communications: It is one of the pioneer companies in voice recognition and natural language processing, being the developer of Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant or Dragon Professional, dictation software for clinical documents. This software is priced at around 500 euros.

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