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The artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for content writing are becoming more and more common and more sophisticated, thanks to systems such as GPT-3 that are making them more accessible. It is for this reason that some digital marketers are already implementing these types of tools in their content strategies.

GPT-3 enables the generation of open source Artificial Intelligence writing tools with machine learning functionalities.

GPT-3 is a linguistic prediction model that was introduced in May 2020 and is available for public use through Open AI, a kind of open source for the development of artificial intelligences.

One of the big differences of GPT-3 compared to other similar AIs is the quality of the texts it is able to write, which are coherent and intelligible. Moreover, since GPT-3 uses a machine learning mechanism, it is able to learn from the texts it writes, as well as from any document we use to “feed” it so that, over time, it can become more sophisticated and write more complex texts.

how do AI writing tools work?

These tools have a very simple operation. In most cases, all we need to do is to enter a series of key words or phrases, with which the tool will write a text. In some cases, we will also have to enter a topic, so that the AI can have a context for the text.

what does Google think of the texts created by AI?

Google has always indicated that it prefers content created by people for people. That is, it wants natural content, written to explain a topic to a person, not a robot. In fact, the company has pointed out on several occasions that this type of content goes against quality guidelines.

However, Google’s algorithms still have trouble differentiating between content created by an AI and content that has been written by a human being. Especially, when content written by a human is poorly written.

The best AI writing tools

-Phrase: Frase is a paid AI-based content creation tool. It is designed for SEO content writing and has tools for writing briefs, organic content, but also for optimization and content analysis. In this case, it is a tool that has both paid and free options. It is capable of creating content in 25 languages and has templates for various types of content such as blogs, ads, sales pages or landing pages. One of the curiosities is that it has a functionality to generate baby names.

-Writesonic: It also has free and paid versions, as well as the ability to translate in 24 languages. One of the characteristic points of Writesonic is that its AI has been fed with content published by major brands on the Internet. It is geared towards marketing content, such as blog posts, product descriptions and social media posts.

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