avatar’ and ‘Spider-Man’ back in theaters

Three thousand years waiting for youJourney to paradise o Don’t worry dear are some of the most anticipated movie releases for this month of September, which is already in its second week, but while it will be a few weeks full of releases for the big screen, there are two that are called to overshadow the rest, even if almost everyone has already seen them: Avatar and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It may sound a bit trashy to some people, but in the absence of the usual potential blockbusters that have been released in theaters in recent years, i.e. Hollywood blockbusters for uncritical audiences, 20th Century Fox on the one hand and Disney on the other, have seen fit – for their own interests, of course – to re-release two of their biggest hits, although one of them is much more recent than the other.

In any case, if you missed Spider-Man: No Way Home when it passed through theaters late next year, or did you have the same thing happen to you with Avatar more than a decade ago, you again have the opportunity to see both blockbusters in all their visual and sound splendor. But donâ¤?t just take that as there is much more on the Spanish billboard, of which we only collect a little bit, but of everything… and without spoilers!

September 2nd movie releases

We start off with a bit of a late arrival, with at least a couple of releases to rescue from the first week of September, of which we have a couple of releases to rescue from the first week of September Three thousand years waiting for you is undoubtedly the highlight…. although it is not doing well at the box office. We are talking about the latest from George Miller (Mad Max, The Witches of Eastwick), a fantasy drama with romantic overtones starring Tilda Swinton (ConstantineSuspiria) and Idris Elba (The Dark TowerThe Suicide Squad).

The most otaku and nostalgic also have the opportunity to see Goky and company on the big screen with the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Herothe latest feature film of the characters created by Akira Toriyama, who also wrote the script for this work produced by Toei Animation and distributed by 20th Century Studios. Watch it, it�s really good.

September 9 movie releases

This Friday is expected to be one of the most striking releases of the month, given who stars in it: none other than two Hollywood dinosaurs with more pull as are George Clooney (Ocean’sOpen until dawn) and Julia Roberts (Pretty WomanNotting Hill), to which British director Ol Parker (Mamma Mia: Time and Time Again) has reunited to shape their new romantic comedy, Journey to Paradise.

A premiere for the whole family is that of The school of magical animalsa sort of German Harry Potter rehash, based on the novel of the same name, in which the main ingredient is magic, yes, but through the little animals that populate the story. The film dates from 2021, although it is being released now in Spain… and it already has a sequel.

We went out of the ordinary to make a little room for Il bucoa drama based on real events, but especially in real landscapes such as those of the flourishing northern Italy, in the Calabria plateau, where in the early sixties of the last century some speleologists discover one of the deepest caves in the world, the Bifurto Abyss. Bring a sandwich of pork loin with goat cheese to the cinema to immerse yourself in the experience.

September 16 movie releases

Already in the third week of September we will find in the billboard with the premiere of The Invitationa film halfway between suspense and horror that has already passed through U.S. theaters with more pain than glory, whose main attraction is to see again Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones). Without finishing the trailer, you will already know how it ends, but..

And the other side of the coin: Life fathera Spanish comedy by the man responsible for the terrible Elite Corps whose main hook, but not attractive, is to count with the presence of Karra Elejalde (surnames); although if we are talking about attractiveness, there is also Megan Montaner (30 coins)…; and then there is the protagonist of the story, Enric Auquer (He who kills with iron).

September 23 movie releases

Directed by Olivia Wilde (HouseTron: Legacy) and starring Florence Pugh (Black WidowTron: Legacy) and Harry Styles (DunkirkDunkirk), Don’t worry, my dear opens in theaters next September 23 preceded by controversy in many different ways, although everything points to the desperation of its director to promote a film that smells rotten. We will have to see it to judge… or not.

More interesting at all levels is foreseen Crimes of the futurethe new from the master of revulsion David Cronenberg (The FlyCrash), who continues in his thirteen. For this new misadventure he has surrounded himself with actors such as Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the RingsGreen Book), Léa Seydoux (007Fucking bastards) or Kristen Stewart (TwilightSnow White and the legend of the Huntsman). Be careful if you are sensitive, even the trailer (in English) is a bit scary.

From the director of such titles as Group 7La isla mÃnima o The plague arrives this month in theaters Model 77a prison drama whose scenario takes us to the Barcelona of the late seventies with a cast full of familiar faces: from the protagonist of the story, Miguel Herrán (La casa de papelElite), to those around him, for example Javier Gutiérrez (ChampionsRed Eagle) or Fernando Tejero (Soccer daysThe coming one).

In fact, on Friday, September 23, it will be re-released in Spanish cinemas Spider-Man: No Way Home… but not the version you have already seen, but an extended version that includes a whopping 11 minutes more footage. But that’s my opinion; what do I know about fanservice superheroic truisms, when in the United States it’s already in theaters and back at number one again, making a splash as only the wallcrawler can do.

September 30 movie releases

Already in the last week of the month we can see releases like this one, one of those movies that will make you smile… or rather not. With a cast headed by Sosie Bacon (Mare of Easttown) with other more or less known faces of the small and big screen such as Jessie T. Usher (The Boys), Kyle Gallner (Scream) or Rob Morgan (Stranger Things), Smile is a psychological terror a priori, but of the malrrollero. I hope it confirms the forecasts and is astounding.

Also in the genre of the thrillerin this case, the suspense or intrigue, so much so because each has its nuances, in this case police, although they all revolve around similar concepts, we have the Spanish Objectsstarring the increasingly well-known inside and outside our borders Ãlvaro Morte (The Paper HouseThe wheel of time). A story of losses, searches and encounters that at first glance does not look bad.

And lest it be said that we forget the youngest in the house, the most drinkable premiere of the month, again at first glance, is the Russian production The Dolphin Boyan animated feature film that, at least from the trailer, looks good in the visual aspect. The rest will have to be seen, because it sounds like a rehash of the rehash, but it is not usually surprises in children�s cinema.

We finish the monthly selection of movie releases with a classic of the seventh art, even though it is not so old. However, it could well be considered Avatar as the culminating work of James Cameron (TitanicTerminator), which is saying a lot. Nine Oscars, special effects on another level for the time (2009), the highest-grossing film in history until it was released Avengers: Endgameand its sequel is getting closer and closer, so the milestone returns to theaters, to the delight of those who could not see it at the time.

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