Back to the future became a film myth

Back to the Future It is without a doubt one of the most viewed film franchises in the world. Along with other unforgettable films, it is part of the most viewed list. In Spain it is known as back to the future.

There are many memorable scenes that the public has undergone, though without a doubt one of the most memorable ones is the graduation ceremony at Hill Valley High School.

Back to the Future

In the so-called "enchantment under the sea" or what would be "the dance of enchantment under the sea". Marty Mcfly "discovers" rock & roll for a teenager who was not yet ready for this rhythm. What is initially a hectic dance becomes the surprised faces of all participants. They were witness to something they had never heard or seen before, but it was the beginning of a new fashion.

The film is about a comedy in which the magic of the first meeting and the first kiss tears a tear from more than one. Excited to return to the time when the parents fell in love. And the dance ends, Marty plays Johnny B Good, who invites everyone who watches the film to dance in the middle of the room.

Back to the future, 35 years after its launch is still in effect

This year 2020 marks 35 years of the first film in the saga that has become a myth. Many like to see it again when the opportunity arises. The fantasy of traveling into the past or why not into the future at Delorean has a great appeal for most people

Back to the Future

The dance scenes were re-released in countless subsequent films, making them one of the richest in the cinema. Although it has become common to spend it on 15th birthdays, weddings, and at parties where teenagers gather on a dance floor.

At the moment we are all at home due to the quarantine caused by the corona virus and the time available invites us to recreate "Back to the Future" on multiple streaming platforms. When you see the first film, you will be tempted to continue watching the entire saga.

35 years after the premiere, it is announced what all fans of "Back to the Future" have long expected. The fourth film in the saga was released in 2021. Are you one of those eagerly awaiting the start?

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