Beetles to replace meat

Tomsk National State Research University says that it is possible. That the nutritional value of slugs and beetles exceeds that of meat. Can you imagine consuming beetles to replace meat?

One of the main threats to humanity in the future is the food crisis. That is why an intense search for new foods is developing. Scientists at the Biological Institute of the University propose the consumption of invertebrate animals.

Beetles to replace meat?
Beetles to replace meat?

Good proteins

“It is trend not only for Asian countries, but also in Europe. Animal protein is vital for human life. Invertebrates from this point of view are the best option.” This was stated by project director Sergey Chernishov.

The scientist gave the Netherlands as an example. Insects are bred that will be used as food. Tomsk University studied the nutritional value of several species. Among them, gray and red slugs and rhinoceros beetles. The biomass of slugs contains chitin, carbohydrates, fat-soluble vitamins A and E. These are not even present in meat products.

Beetles present a very high protein content. Vitamins and calories in these insects are present. “The amount of protein in slugs is comparable to the level existing in the meat of domestic animals. And the amount of fat is much, much less.”

Those animals have a high content of iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. These are the most important elements for maintaining proper functioning of the human body.

According to biologists, invertebrate meat is a pure animal protein. It contains essential amino acids that are not synthesized in the human body. Invertebrates can be used as food, for example, in the form of a powdered supplement.

Slugs are another good option.
Slugs are another good option.

Low costs

“If we talk about industrial cultivation, invertebrates are economically very profitable. They don’t need heat. They can safely exist at a temperature of +10 degrees Celsius. They are not afraid of high humidity either,” added Chernishov.

As food, beetles and slugs are content with any sawdust “with a small amount of low-cost enzymes, fruits.” Maybe it’s time to think about slugs and beetles to replace meat.

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