Being asexual does not mean being celibate or not having sex

What does it mean to be asexual? The asexual individual is not abstinent or celibate, nor does he have any problems or fear of intimacy. It’s just a sexual orientation like any other. Even the asexual person can maintain a romantic and platonic relationship. Hug and love another person without feeling any physical attraction.

be asexual

In recent years there has been a clear perception of maturity in the world in relation to the various sexual orientations. What used to be called choice now shows that reality is merely an orientation, as it depends directly on feelings and not on a choice.

Being asexual is seen more as a sexual orientation

At present, the sexual orientation of every individual is accepted as such, both by them and by their surroundings and the society in which they live. There are exceptions, some political and many religious, although their sexual orientation is implied in every person’s rights.

On April 6th of each year it was established as World Asexuality Day, a really important advance. Asexuality refers to those people, whether men or women, who have no sexual desire for a gender.

Changes in society that asexuals accept today

In the not too distant past, however, asexuality was controversial and even open to misinterpretation. Asexual people do not choose to be celibate, as is commonly believed, but rather have this type of orientation without feeling the sexual urge to be the same or the opposite sex.

There are many who believe that asexuality does not exist because it is impossible not to feel sexual desire. However, asexual people are not prevented from having sexual relationships, and they can form good emotional bonds with another person.

With the opening to maturity today, many asexual people dare to openly reveal their feelings. They formed groups where they are encouraged to share their stories and recognized as another sexual orientation.

Being asexual doesn't mean being celibate

Asexuals are divided into two categories

The sense of approval from society is an advancement for asexual people. Basically, it does not feel sexually attractive to another person, regardless of their gender, or the desire to have sex with them. There are various forms of orientation among them, the so-called grisexuals and demisexuals.

A grisexual person can be sexually attracted. But it only happens on special occasions. You may like the other person’s personality, but you have no sexual desire for it. This group includes grass-sex people who are sexually attracted to other people for certain periods of time.

Demisexual people only feel sexually attracted if the bond they share with the other person is very strong emotionally. At this point, sexual attraction can occur even though you are an asexual person.

Some people discover that they are asexual when their friends are attracted to a musical group, for example. Most of them are attracted to a member of the group and are indifferent to the asexual person.

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVENes) offers very good online support to ensure restraint. He also shares a lot of information on the matter. In addition to the website, it is also present on social networks.

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