Benefits of SMS Marketing for local businesses

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Consumer habits have been profoundly affected by COVID-19 and the restrictions it has brought with it. In this way, sales and marketing techniques have found in the “conversational commerce or c-commerce” a bridge between the traditional and personal sales, and the digital. In this sense, communication tools and applications have become indispensable and, among them, SMS has once again gained popularity.

SMS marketing offers a communication channel that straddles the line between the face-to-face store and the digital, which invites greater interaction with the customer.

The way companies communicate is constantly changing and evolving. A few years ago, the best way to send personalized offers, promotions and announce product launches was email. However, nowadays our inboxes are often saturated, so it is necessary to have a new way of communication: SMS.

SMS marketing, just like conversational commerce, reaches the consumer directly and generates some open rates of up to 98%which is much higher than any other way. The click-through rate for text message links is also higher, at 18%, which makes SMS marketing one of the best ways to reach our customers.

How does SMS Marketing work?

To get an idea, a study on conversational marketing points out that 74% of users would send SMS to local businesses if they knew they were read and answered by a person. This means that SMS marketing needs to go beyond mass mailing of promotions, offers and discounts. In this case, it is necessary to maintain proximity, as consumers want to feel like they are talking to the owner of “the store next door”.

How can we do this? First, we must personalize each message, offering only those offers and promotions that might interest each customer. Secondly, we must keep the feeling of closenessThis is often as simple as introducing ourselves at the beginning of the message, explaining who we are and what we do.

Another feature of SMS marketing is that the users are more willing to reply. This is because responding to a text message is quicker and easier than responding to a phone call. Therefore, it is also important that SMS messages that are sent are open to a response. This can be a bit tricky for some businesses, as we have to be willing to respond quickly to an SMS, even after hours.

Another important point to consider is the frequency of sending SMS. Email marketing has been abused a lot, sending several emails a day and saturating the inbox and the users. In this case, we must take into account that conversational commerce is much closer; users have placed their trust in us by sharing their phone numbers, so we should never abuse it. In this case, although each business is different, the most normal thing to do is to send one SMS a week or even one a month.

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