Benefits of Using PDF When Teleworking

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has made teleworking an enforced reality in many cases, but also has many advantages for the employee and the company, it is necessary to have the best tools that enable the secure exchange of communication and documentation effectively. Among all the existing document formats, there is one that offers more advantages than any other, PDF, and in this article we are going to explain to you why.

To work effectively with this type of document you will need a compressor more than once like FormatPDF, which allows you to easily reduce the weight of a PDF document and then take all the necessary actions in this new context «digital bureaucracy», in which we live and work

But … why is PDF the best format to work in this new context of “digital bureaucracy” where we have to constantly send documents to colleagues, suppliers, customers …? PDF – an abbreviation for Portable Document Format – has many advantages.

It is a document storage format created by Adobe Systems, but it is most commonly used for exchanging and presenting information that is shared on the Internet. Businesses large and small alike use it to share documents online for a variety of reasons.

One of them is that it can be opened on any computer, regardless of which operating system you are using, while preserving the original appearance of the document. Hence there are no line breaks, changes in font … if you open it with a different version than the one it was created for, as can happen with Word DOC documents. You don’t need to install new fonts or have additional programs. With PDF, the document that you receive and open or that you send always retains its exact appearance and is displayed correctly.

Whoever receives the PDF cannot change or edit it either, so you can always guarantee that it will stay as it was created. This only applies if the author grants access permissions and limited permissions to modify the document. This means that you always have control over the released documentation. Likewise, it does not matter for the operating system with which you are editing or changing the document, as the result is always the same and is retained in the PDF file.

However, there are other reasons to use PDF as well. For example the weight of the document. A large Excel or PowerPoint presentation takes up many MB of memory. This means that you may need to compress it to send it to a colleague or client, depending on the characteristics of your corporate mail system, or you may need to use an online compressor to send files.

However, when you convert the document to PDF, you will find that its size is significantly reduced and you can easily send it via email. This is possible because the storage capacity of a PDF document can be up to six times that of other formats. For this reason, if you want to share large presentations, catalogs, databases … and other very heavy files, it is best to transfer them as PDF and send them that way. They weigh much less and also open on any computer or connected device, keeping their original format.

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