Best alternatives to Amazon for online shopping

Alternatives to Amazon

The alternatives to Amazon may be the solution you’ve been looking for if you’re definitely not sold on Prime Day deals, Amazon’s unavailability of international shipping or if you simply want to support emerging e-commerce.

Unlike Amazon, many e-retailers are now focusing on offering environmentally friendly products.

Whatever the reason for your disinterest in the retail giant’s store, here is a selection of alternatives to Amazon that are sure to live up to your expectations.

– Etsy: this online store is tailor-made for its customers. On Etsy you can find personalized accessories, including jewelry, clothing, household items and many handmade products. Undoubtedly, this can be an excellent alternative if you want to support small businesses. In addition, the platform always has offers and a good variety of filters for your searches.

Apps to buy

– Bookshop: an alternative for those who see Amazon as the best platform for acquiring ebooks. Something very interesting about Bookshop is that, in addition to offering the buyer a great system to purchase books online, it is also a platform that cares about providing financial support to an extensive list of bookstores. At the same time, Bookshop has a vast selection of books.

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– Instacart: provides a very similar service to Amazon Fresh. However, the variety of groceries that Instacart can offer is even wider than Fresh. In addition, the Instacart+ subscription is totally free and it gives you access to a series of benefits that include unlimited shipping on certain products, among other advantages similar to paying with Amazon Pay.

Grocery shopping

– Hive: undoubtedly one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives to Amazon that exists right now. Hive is known for using boxes made from recycled material and other components that are not toxic to the environment. In this e-commerce you can buy from household items to food, beverages, vegan products and much more.


– Thrive Market: Like Hive, Thrive Market is a great recommendation for organic and natural foods. Despite focusing on this area, Thrive Market stands out for its affordable prices. However, unlike Amazon, to purchase products in this online store you must subscribe.

Food sales

– Made Trade: its raison d’être is to offer its customers a place where they can make ethical and sustainable purchases. Made Trade guarantees its consumers that all the items that can be found on its website fully comply with the characteristics mentioned in their respective descriptions. In this store you can buy furniture, decoration pieces, footwear, accessories, etc.

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