Best crowdfunding portals to finance your startup

List of the best crowdfunding websites.

One of the big challenges of launching a venture is access to funding. Today, interest rates are disturbingly high. And although there are fast loans on the Internet, the reality is that there are many entrepreneurs who are betting on the crowdfunding portals to raise money to carry out his project.

The best crowdfunding websites are reliable ecosystems that help you attract investors for your startup.

In this article you will find some of the best crowdfunding websites. But remember, the success of your company will not only depend on the amount of capital you manage to raise on these platforms, but also on many other factors and the business strategy you develop.

In this sense, it will help you to follow the best digital marketing tips and learn about innovative ideas for your startup with Artificial Intelligence, among other examples.

The best crowdfunding websites

– IndieGoGo: besides being one of the few platforms that accept payments in cryptocurrencies, IndieGoGo is a very flexible crowdfunding website. There you will have access to two fundraising options: fixed or variable. In the case of the first one, if you don’t reach a certain amount of money in a set time, the funds are returned. While the variable option allows you to keep the money even if you do not reach your goal.

Fundraising websites

– Fundable: this website is one of the most intuitive in terms of fundraising campaign management. Fundable will connect you with investors and will take care of implementing a strong promotional campaign. In addition, one advantage of this site is that it does not deduct a percentage of the money raised. Instead, it charges a flat monthly fee in exchange for its services.

sites to start a project

– Kickstarter: specializes in raising funds for creative projects, whether in technology, music, the arts, science, etc. In addition, Kickstarter is a rewards-based service, which means that you can retain full ownership of your venture. Of course, the website will charge you membership fees once the project reaches its campaign goal.

Fundraising sites

– Seedrs: The big difference between Seedrs and the rest of the platforms is its crowdfunding system in exchange for shares. That is to say, the investors that intervene in the financing of your startup will have the right to get shares of it. On this website you must provide details of your idea, business plan and present your product or service in order to attract investment.

Pages to finance small businesses

– GoFundMe: One of the big reasons for GoFundMe’s popularity is its user-friendly interface. Thanks to this, creating a fundraising campaign on this website is extremely easy. In addition, some advantages are the possibility of attracting more investors thanks to the good reputation of the site and the ease of sharing the campaign through social networks.

Portals to raise money

– FundRazr: is a very responsive crowdfunding website. Also, one of its distinguishing features is its rigorous process of verifying the legitimacy of the fundraising project. This generates confidence from the investors’ point of view, which translates into greater opportunities for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Portals to find funders

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