Best LED smart lamps

Smart LED lamps are remotely controlled via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection from a mobile device, from which you can, for example, program and control the type, time, intensity and color of the light bulb.

A smart lightbulb can be programmed to remotely control the brightness and intensity of the light

There are many types of smart bulb models on the market with very different features, functions, and prices. Here is a list of the best LED smart bulbs you can get right now:

-Amazon Basics E27 Spherical LED Bulb: It is a 9 W Edison screw cap lamp – equivalent to 60 W – with a class A ++ energy saving system in a very warm white color and a service life of up to 15,000 hours, which can hold light for up to 13 years if used an average of three hours a day. A pack of six light bulbs costs 16.52 euros.

-Philips Hue Smart LED Bulb E27: The Philips brand also has a range of LED smart lamps. These E27 models weigh 100 grams and are connected via Bluetooth via an app that can control up to 50 lamps. They can be controlled via voice commands from Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The price is 16.11 euros.

-TP-Link -E27 Smart LED lamp: This 9 W lamp, weighing just 50 grams, is controlled by an app called “Tether” via a Wi-Fi connection and features, among other things, timer and brightness adjustment. It can also be linked to Alexa and the Google Assistant to be regulated by voice command. The price is 9.99 euros.

-TECKIN WiFi LED Smart Bulb: This 2800k and 6200k warm lamp is connected via a WiFi signal that can be controlled and programmed from a mobile device. It is 7.5 W, type Edison E27, with energy saving level A and compatible with Google Home for activation via voice commands. It offers a range of color tones for lighting, as well as the ability to adjust brightness and temperature. It weighs 160 grams and has a market value of 13.99 euros.

-Xiaomi Smart BulbThe Chinese brand manufacturer of cell phones and other technological devices also offers a range of smart light bulbs. The E27 screw cap weighs 100 grams and emits a very warm white light of 9 W and 950 lumens. It can be controlled by Wi-Fi signal or voice commands through the brand’s Mi Home app. The price is 15.99 euros.

-Meross Smart LED lamp– This light bulb has the ability to mix and match up to 16 million colors and change them quickly to personalize the look of your space. It can be controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi connection or by voice commands by connecting the lightbulb to Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT, an online platform for automating processes. It can be switched on and off remotely by the hour … Its energy efficiency corresponds to class A ++ and has a market value of 23.99 euros.

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