Best linkbuilding strategies in 2022

Linkbuilding SEO

Linkbuilding is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization (SEO). However, it is also one of the most complicated and difficult strategies to implement.

Generating links for our website is one of the best SEO strategies to gain visibility, but it is also one of the most complicated.

In this sense, during the early years of SEO, what mattered was quantity; the more links a website had pointing to it, the better it was considered by Google.

This led to the development of unethical strategies, with link farms, link buying and other types of Black Hat SEO practices, which elevated low-quality pages to the top of the SERP.

With the updates and sophistication of Google’s algorithms, designed to avoid such practices, linkbuilding has become increasingly complex. That is why, nowadays Google looks at the quality of the links, as well as the content they point to, which must also be of high quality.

Best linkbuilding strategies

-Publish good content: First of all, to get links we have to be create attractive and valuable content that other users want to link to.

This content should be educational and informative, solve common problems or answer questions that the audience has, and do it in a unique way.

In this sense, we can review old content and improve it to make it unique, either by approaching the topic from a personal, more extensive perspective or by including data from our own studies.

-Make something link-worthy: It is a common misconception that anything the company does is newsworthy or link-worthy. However, not everything is interesting to the audience.

If we want this type of content to be linked we have to organize quality events, make donations or get involved in a cause, launch a new product or service, create an association or offer a job.

-Associations: This is a practice that is not often done correctly. More often than not, a cold email is sent to a website requesting that a link to an article be included without further ado, or in exchange for payment. This is usually not the best way to do it.

When we have link-worthy content, we can try to share it with the administrators of other sites, especially those that can benefit from such a link. To do this, we can send an email with the link, but explaining what will be found and what will be the benefits of including this link.

-Technical SEO: One way to gain new links is to perform a technical SEO audit. We have to look for broken links, downed pages, redirects of all kinds, etc. If we fix these types of errors, we can find new opportunities to generate quality links.

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