Best prompts for a content marketing strategy

Prompts to improve content marketing

The tools of Artificial Intelligence (AI) generative as GPT Chat can be of great help to content marketers, since, thanks to the gigantic amount of information they possess, they are able to find ideas for content that professionals often overlook.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for unlocking creativity and finding new content ideas.

Prompts are the prompts that users enter into the AI tool to get a specific answer. For example, when we type: “write a list of the top 5 Beatles albums”, we are entering a “prompt” into the tool.

If we are able to master these prompts, it is possible to generate a almost unlimited amount of ideaswhich can drive a content marketing strategy. To help you, we are going to point out which would be the best prompts to develop your strategy:

Prompts to develop your content marketing strategy.

AI allows you to ask questions that invite you to reflect the audience. These questions can be an excellent starting point for creating social media content, videos or blog posts.

When crafting the question, it’s important to offer some examples and be clear about the desired output format. We must also detail the style and structure we want to obtain to improve content generation.

For example, to create content on traditional advertising and digital marketing, we could ask questions such as:

– “What is the future of traditional advertising media, in an increasingly digital world?”

– “How will marketers cope with new privacy technologies that will not allow collecting user information?”

How to add depth to content marketing

Artificial Intelligence can offer new perspectives on a topic. Instead of relying on our point of view, which may be heavily shaped by experience and knowledge, it is possible to use AI to open up new angles and points of view.

This adds depth and diversity to the content, bringing greater value to our content marketing strategy.

To find new perspectives, we will have to ask questions in a more creative way. Avoid posing closed questions (with a “yes or no” answer) and focus on generating opinions, predictions or alternative points of view.

At this point, it is convenient to use a technique called “priming.” That is, provide context or relevant information in an initial message to guide the AI to a specific perspective, which helps shape responses and ensure that they are created in the desired framework.

For example:

– “Considering the current state of [las redes sociales]analyzes the impact they will have on [los medios de información tradicionales]”.

– “You are now an expert in [redes sociales]. Help me understand the advantages and disadvantages of [introducir un concepto, tecnología o práctica] from the point of view of [grupo o persona]”.

How to refine the results of Artificial Intelligence.

AI responses may not always be the most appropriate or expected. If we want to get the most out of content marketing, we need to learn how to refine the resultsby re-asking questions and introducing new concepts until the desired answer is found.

One way to refine the results is to create a dialogue with the AI. Instead of simply asking a question, we should dialogue with the artificial intelligence to deepen the results and open new perspectives.

We can also incorporate real-world conversations about a topic, as well as examples or scenarios that the AI can work with.

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