Best smart pens for mobile phones and tablets

The best smart pens for mobile phones and tablets They will allow you to write comfortably on the device screen. This way, the notes you take will be identical to your handwriting. In addition, they also incorporate extra functions that allow you to quickly search for terms in the browser or on any other platform. Some even use Artificial Intelligence to adapt to your way of writing.

Below you will find a list of the best smart pens you can buy today. They have a good quality-price ratio and are devices that stand out for their versatility and productivity, they are ideal for tablets for students and for the world of office automation in general.

Recommended smart pens for mobile phones and tablets

All the smart pens that are part of this list are ideal for taking digital notes and easily creating backups in the cloud. You can even consider them as a great tech gift for friends or family.

Neo Smartpen M1+

It incorporates a camera that is capable of tracking what you write on the phone screen to more accurately transcribe your own handwriting. The pen improves its performance if you write in the Neo Smartpen app, as it allows you to organize notes, save thousands of pages and upload the material to the cloud to create a backup.

The transcription of writing is fluid and simple, if you have good handwriting, the performance will be even better, since you will not make mistakes. However, searching for concepts or keywords can be a bit slow compared to the competition.

On the other hand, the pen can change ink color, highlight main ideas, and link themes to entire pages. The best way to purchase this device is on the official Neo Smartpen website because there you can select a pen that suits your needs and even customize it, the price starts at 100 euros.

Neo Pens

Rocketbook Pro Smart Notebook

It is a smart notebook that includes its own pen to optimize the writing process. The notebook looks and feels like a normal notebook, it is simple, thin and light, it is not a clunky or heavy piece.

As for the pen, it is not smart as such, but rather uses Pilot Frixion erasable ink technology. That is, what you write down in the notebook will be saved in the cloud, so when you delete the content it will not be lost. Rocketbook is an ideal system for people who take a lot of notes while taking a course or going to class. Its price is 60 euros.

smart notebook

Livescribe Symphony Smartpen

It offers natural and precise writing on digital paper provided by its own application designed for mobile phones and tablets. The app is solid, it works perfectly, since it does not present compatibility, calibration or confusion with the words you write.

While you write, the app will record your handwriting and give you the possibility to transcribe using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and upload the content to the cloud. Then, within the application, you can edit the writings, organize them and edit them to remove or add more information.

The Livescribe app will also allow you to record audio and attach it to notes to specify details or explain a specific point. Regarding the autonomy of the pen, it can reach three months of use on a single charge, the battery is well optimized. The price of the Livescribe Symphony Smartpen ranges between 80 and 120 euros.

Livescribe pen

Neo Smartpen R1

It is a simple but effective pen, its transcription capacity is precise and natural, what you write will be captured in your handwriting without any type of error. The pen works with the Neo Smartpen app that you must install on your mobile or tablet to optimize its performance. There you can edit notes, upload content to the cloud and add audio files.

Likewise, the pen has a good autonomy that can offer two months of use without problems, this is because the device does not need pairing via Bluetooth to use the storage of notes (limited to 20 pages). Its price is 89 euros.

Neo Pen

Rocketbook Core Smart Notebook

This is a system that allows you to take digital notes, the notebook has 36 pages that you can fill with data, then you can erase them because the pen uses Pilot Frixion erasable ink. As for the notes, they will not be lost, since the notebook will be responsible for scanning the information and saving it in the cloud.

Rocketbook is a simple and straightforward way to quickly digitize everything you write, however, the notebook cannot add audio as extra support to the data on each page. The price of this smart note-taking kit is 40 euros.

Smart notebook

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