Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

Netflix has one of the series and movie catalogs more complete of all streaming entertainment platforms. In it it is possible to find content of many nationalities, including Spanish.

Netflix has an extensive catalog in which Spanish cinema has enjoyed great success.

In this sense, Spanish cinema, along with the Spanish series, has always been one of the most appreciated by critics and on Netflix it is possible to enjoy several great titles of all genres that will appeal to the most cinephiles. These are some of the best Spanish films you can watch on Netflix right now.

-“The hole”: One of the big surprises in the Netflix catalog of late. It’s a science fiction film, a dystopia, in which a group of volunteer prisoners are locked up in a strange underground prison where each level is worse than the previous one. Every night the prisoners change levels without knowing which one they will wake up with or who will be their companion.

-“At home”: Spanish thriller with Javier Gutiérrez. An unemployed advertiser can no longer pay for his apartment and has to offer it for rent. His life is leaking all over the place, however, which will make him violently obsessed with the new tenant, a successful young man but with a complicated past.

– “All about my mother”: One of the great jewels of Almodóvar’s cinema. It is an emotional film that portrays the emotional and physical journey of a mother who has just lost her son and needs to reconnect with his father.

-“The bar”: One of the great films by Álex de la Iglesia in which a group of very different people is locked in a bar. A strange survival film in which each character reveals their secrets.

– “Veronica”: The acclaimed horror film by Paco Plaza is based on the famous Vallecas Act. History tells us the story of the possession of a girl from the Madrid district of Vallecas in the 90s. A horror film with a lot of personality and great moments.

– “Cell 211”: Considered one of the best films in Spanish cinema in recent decades. A story of prisons, vengeance, justice and violence with a great Luis Tosar.

– “Late to anger”: A tense thriller in which Antonio de la Torre plays a man who has just been released from prison after serving an eight-year sentence. Once outside, he will find that it will be impossible to live the quiet life he planned with his wife and son, so he will have to struggle to achieve it.

– «Eight Basque surnames»: One of the great Spanish comedies of recent times. In it, a young Andalusian will do the impossible to win the love of a young Basque. A great film with charismatic characters and a delusional but brilliant sense of humor.

– “The Invisible Guardian”: Based on the successful Dolores Redondo trilogy, Inspector Amaia Salazar will be forced to return to the city of her childhood to solve a series of crimes and hunt down a serial killer obsessed with killing girls. A film with Nordic thriller overtones and a touch of “Twin Peaks”.

– “The photographer from Mathausen”: nominated for four Goyas, tells the story of Francesc Boix, a man who had to experience the horrors of World War II and the Mathausen concentration camp first hand and helped in his own way by secretly sending photos to document the horror in which he lived the field.

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