Best “Switch” type controls for mobile phones

“Switch” type controllers for mobile phones, as their name suggests, are controls that resemble the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch because they attach to the sides of the mobile phone to turn it into a portable game console. These stand out for being light, easy to transport and useful, since it is only a matter of connecting them to your smartphone to start playing.

If you don’t want to pair a game controller to your phone or you’re getting tired of the inaccuracy of on-screen controls, the solution to both problems is “Switch” type controllers. Here is a list of some of the best models you can buy today.

TOP “Switch” type controls for mobile phones

All the models you see below stand out for their quality, ease of pairing, compact size and automatic button mapping, that is, you will not have to configure the function for each button on the controller manually.

Backbone One

A complete controller that features ultra-wide analog buttons, high-precision joysticks (ideal for shooting games), D-pad and responsive buttons. Note that latency is practically non-existent, since the Backbone One connects to the USB-C port of the mobile phone to guarantee an immediate response time.

On the other hand, the Backbone One has its own app that can be installed on the smartphone. From there you will have access to a wide catalog of mobile video games and multiple services, such as: Xbox Game Pass, Apple Arcade, NVIDIA GeForce Now, PS Remote Play, Steam Link, Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming and more. The price of this controller is 100 euros.

Portable controller

GameSir G8 Galileo

One of the most in-demand “Switch” type controls due to its Hall effect joysticks, this means that they have a fluid and precise 360° movement and the response capacity is immediate. It also includes a headphone port so you can connect any type of headphones freely.

GameSir G8 Galileo offers an on-the-fly mapping system that will adapt to the way you play the title in question. It also has two additional buttons so you can quickly customize any detail without having to install any software. This model is compatible with all games that support a controller and its cost is 100 euros.

Mobile controller

Razer Kishi

Razer Kishi offers latency-free gaming because it does not pair via Bluetooth, but rather connects directly to the smartphone’s USB-C port, ensuring immediate response time. Likewise, the design stands out for being compact because the control can be retracted so that you can transport it easily.

Like the Backbone One controller, Razer Kishi also has its own application that works as a platform to download video games for the phone. There you will find services from Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Amazon and more. The app even has a “Game Booster” that serves to optimize game performance. Its amount is 60 euros.

Razer controller

Game Sir X2

If you like the layout of the Nintendo Switch controllers, GameSir X2 will offer you a practically identical experience. The layout of the buttons and joysticks is ergonomic, which will allow you to play for several hours in comfort. In addition, the controller has its own 500 mAh battery that can offer up to 20 hours of play.

Note that the controller joysticks have a precise 360° movement, they are designed for games that require a lot of precision. On the other hand, GameSir X2 is compatible with all mobile titles that support controllers and can be used in various services such as Game Pass, Luna and more. The cost of this controller model is 60 euros.

Switch type control


The design of the RIG Nacon MG-X PRO is completely inspired by the Xbox Series X|S controller. You will find the same layout of the joysticks and buttons and includes a shortcut to enter the home and quick menu. The controller can be stretched and retracted to fit all types of mobile phones with screens up to 6.7 inches.

As the design is the same as the Xbox controller, this translates into good ergonomics, and the surfaces are textured to offer better grip. Note that RIG Nacon has its own battery that can reach 20 hours of use. Likewise, it is compatible with hundreds of games and multiple services (such as Nvidia GeForce Now). Its price is 100 euros.

Xbox type controller

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