Best VPNs to watch Netflix movies and series from other countries

Best VPNs for Netflix of 2022

A good VPN offers a lot of freedoms when it comes to a streaming platform like Netflix, it makes it possible to enjoy any content no matter where the user is located. However, not all VPN services are able to bypass geo-blocking. For this reason, it is important to know which VPNs are the best for browsing Netflix.

There are hundreds of VPNs on the market, but, really, there are few that have the ability to modify the Netflix library.

A competent VPN will help hide the real IP address to replace it with a different one from anywhere in the world. So, for example, if someone is in Spain and wants to have the US catalog, by simply placing the VPN on a US server they will have all the North American content at the distance of a click. Below, we will tell you which are the best VPNs for Netflix to easily access the library of other countries.

– ExpressVPN: has what it takes to access anywhere in the world from Netflix. The service stands out for being fast, secure, efficient and intuitive. It will avoid any kind of geographical restriction without any failure or detection by the system. It has servers in more than 94 countries and the bandwidth is unlimited.

– Windscribe: has an excellent free 10 GB plan with access to servers in 10 countries. The best thing is that it allows you to create customized plans, so if a person only wants to purchase servers in the United States, he/she can do so without impediments. A basic plan is very economical, usually not more than two or three euros per month.

– Surfshark: one of the best low-cost VPNs, has useful and interesting functions for only 2.50 euros per month. It should be noted that it can support unlimited simultaneous connections and private network access can be shared with friends and family so that everyone can use it at the same time.

– CyberGhost: beats almost all services when it comes to an intuitive platform, the most important tools will always be at hand. The interface is clean, simple and very detailed, explaining what each function is for. Another plus is that it categorizes servers by purpose so that the user knows which are the best for streaming, torrents and games.

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