Best websites to receive SMS online free and securely

sites to receive SMS on the Internet

At the time, we gave a review of the best apps to send SMS on Android phones. Now, what if you do not have a smartphone near you and you need to get a message? In this case you can opt for sites to receive SMS online, they are extremely useful and will get you out of trouble without any problems.

Portals allow you to receive messages online without a real phone number.

We have done some research to list the best sites to receive SMS efficiently. The sites work well and deliver what they promise, some sites even offer tracking and paid subscriptions to provide a more complete service.

– its strong point is that it has numbers from six different countries, all of them free of charge. Some of the most in-demand countries are the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Poland and Belgium. The numbers change every two weeks to ensure optimal performance.

– this is a paid portal, but it should be noted that its service is excellent. It provides private SIM card numbers, but they are not virtual contacts, which means that the platform is stable and will work smoothly. It has a large number of numbers and provides full support in several countries.

– you will find a list of public numbers that can be used anywhere. Once you receive the message, it will be displayed on the home page immediately. An interesting option is that it has private numbers for sale with an inbox exclusive to the user.

– is one of the simplest SMS receiving websites available. It will put at your fingertips a list of enabled numbers so that the message arrives as quickly as possible. It is very easy to use and does not give any annoying problems.

– a free, intuitive, public site that will host the SMS you require at any time. There are several countries available with multiple numbers that work as they should, the message you are waiting for will appear in a matter of seconds.

– if you don’t want to use public web sites, this is one of the best options available to you. It has a list of private numbers and an inbox for each user. It can be used with a US VPN or a proxy that makes it possible to create a free account with a private number. You will have access to your designated contact when you log in to the platform.

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