Best websites to use Autotune

If you are constantly recording videos where you sing or speak, you will surely need a tool that makes it easier for you to tune your voice. One of the options can be to add Autotune effect to the recording, something widely used by musicians around the world.

If you don't know which program or website to use, here you will find the best pages that will give you access to the Autotune voice effect. They are simple portals that will fulfill what they promise, you will have all the necessary tools to optimize the quality of your content.

How to use the Autotune voice effect

Although there are various Autotune apps for mobile phones, the truth is that now it is no longer even necessary to download an application to use the effect. In addition to being able to use it on TikTok, you can access a website like these that we recommend.

Voice Maker

Made for those looking for an intuitive platform that does not require advanced knowledge to use it correctly. All you have to do in Voice Maker is upload your recording to add Autotune to it.

You can upload the vocal track as an MP3 file to arrange the sound. Likewise, it is possible to edit in real time using a microphone to avoid subsequent editing. It should be noted that the page has 47 Autotune effects and does not require registration to use the tool.

Audio Editor


At first it was just an online sound editor, but little by little the portal developers have added more functions. Currently, it is a digital platform that allows you to make all kinds of changes and improvements to your audio recordings.

There are hundreds of tools available in Soundation, some of the ones that will be most useful to you are the sound mixer, effects creator, various filters with Autotune, audio shaper, etc. A key point is that it has multiple tutorials so you can learn how to use the system.

Autotune Online

Voice Changer

If you don't want to complicate yourself with many options and advanced functions for users who know the subject, Voice Changer will do everything for you. All you have to do is upload the audio file for the page to automatically apply the Autotune effect to tune and make your voice clearer.

From the interface you can select the Autotune filter that you like the most to apply it to the audio. In addition, it also has an AI that has the ability to generate audio from text. Although it offers basic results, it will be useful for simple tasks.

voice modifier


Finally, we come to Soundtrap, a free online software that is an efficient voice editor. In addition, it has become famous because it is a tool created by Spotify, which guarantees stable and optimal operation and can be integrated into the app to upload music. or podcasts edited directly from Soundtrap, which is a great advantage.

There are several types of equalizers, an effects mixer, a special audio optimizer for headphones and, of course, various Autotunes effects. If you wish, you can export the audio file to any other platform or app, there will be no annoying limitations regarding this point.

free sound editor

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