Best Xbox 360 emulators for PC

In addition to the capacity that computers have to run the best PC games, they also have emulators that allow old console video games to run on them, such as the PlayStation 3, Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64 and, of course, post, the Xbox 360.

Using an emulator of the legendary Microsoft console on your computer will give you access to such popular titles as Halo, Gears of War and Left 4 Dead. If you want to relive those video games and many others, here you will find the best Xbox 360 emulators for PC today.

TOP Xbox 360 emulators for computers

The programs you will find below are the ones that offer the most stable performance when running Xbox 360 titles on PC.

VR Xbox 360 PC Emulator

It is a simple emulator that has the ability to run DirectX 11 graphics, which ensures that games can reach a screen refresh rate of 25 – 30 fps while keeping Vsync activated.

It should be noted that this emulator works very well on Windows 10, but does not yet have support for Windows 11. It is also not compatible with AMD and NVIDIA performance improvement technologies.


This emulator is a product of the community and stands out for its reliable, stable and solid performance. You will be able to download and play your favorite titles without obstacles and you can optimize them with VRR, FidelityFX Super Resolution and NVIDIA anti-aliasing.

The same software offers a list of games that are compatible with it, which is useful to avoid wasting time downloading titles that will not work on the system. We recommend that you only download video games that are marked as “state-playable.”

CXBX Reloaded

We come to an emulator that is made for advanced users, since it is hosted on GitHub and its installation is somewhat complex. Its main advantage is that it not only offers Xbox 360 games, but also has titles from the original Xbox and Xbox One.

Likewise, the software is constantly updated to offer better performance, which speaks well of the program, since it receives daily support from its developers. On the other hand, the platform is only compatible with a limited catalog of video games.


Like CXBX Reloaded, it is a software that requires computer knowledge for successful installation. Once that phase is completed, it works as an efficient emulator that can run various Xbox 360 games.

It should be noted that it is an open source program, which means that, if you have programming skills, you could modify it to improve its performance or adjust it to the requirements of your computer.


EmuDeck is not an emulator, it works as a platform that makes it possible to download and manage multiple emulators from a central system. For this reason, it is a practical program that could help you install all types of emulators on your PC.

The Windows version of the software is still in early access, to download it you will have to make a donation to the developers. However, the expense is accompanied by some extra functions, such as cloud synchronization with multiple software, as is the case with the Steam Deck portable console.

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