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When companies become aware that they need to hire the services of a professional community manager, many do not know how to face this challenge. In addition to looking for the fundamental qualities that every Community Manager should have, they wonder if this should be a professional integrated into the company’s staff or if it would be better to use an external agency or even a freelancer.

It is difficult to offer a generic answer, since the structure of a large corporation is not the same as the scarcity of resources that limits decision-making in an SME.

However, the choice should not be based on solely economic criteria. You must also take into account the adaptation to the objectives set and the general philosophy of the company. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the community manager being part of the company

An option that should not be ruled out a priori, given that it may have its advantages, is for a current employee of the company to become the community manager. He will have the advantage that he already knows the company, its competition and the sector. The question is whether he is properly trained to manage profiles on social networks.

It is also worth questioning whether the company only adopts this measure to avoid the expense of hiring a worker. If a current employee is going to be overloaded with “running social media” in addition to his or her usual task, the result is likely to be disastrous. You will become demotivated and the expected results will not be achieved either.

The work of community manager must be carried out full time and, depending on the company, several professionals are necessary. If you do not have the right employee, you must consider the option of hiring a person for the position or looking for a social media agency or an external freelancer.

Incorporating a new person means increasing the workforce but has important advantages. By joining the company, you will soon get to know your reality, your day-to-day life, you will internalize its values ​​and you will have more autonomy in decision-making.

Advantages of the community manager being external to the company

Hiring an employee carries a cost. If you also do not have someone on staff who can take over the management of social networks, an intermediate solution is to hire a freelance professional or a social media agency.

Turning to an external contractor is cheaper and allows you to benefit from their versatility, as they work with numerous clients in different sectors and will have a more global vision. Your point of view will be natural, as it will not be deeply influenced by the company culture.

However, even if the presence on social media is entrusted to an external professional, there will always have to be a person in the company who is in charge of managing the work of that freelancer or that hired social media agency.

They will be the contact person who will provide the community manager with the corporate information and guidelines necessary to carry out their work. Having this connection is essential and the brand will not be able to delegate this task to anyone external.

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