Beware of 'Apple Coin' ads, it's a scam

Cryptocurrency scams are quite common. One of the most popular currently has to do with a supposed virtual currency developed by Apple. However, this, despite seeming real, has nothing to do with the technology company.

It is possible that on social networks, especially on X – the old Twitter -, you have come across advertising or some promotions from a alleged Apple cryptocurrency called AppleCoin. The truth is that taking advantage of the fame of the Cupertino company, there are those who are trying to scam users using its name and image.

It is not the first time that something like this has happened, since in addition to the content about Apple's cryptocurrency, some time ago a group of scammers created a supposed event called “Apple Crypto Event” on YouTube, which had nothing real. The objective is the same: to scam users.

How to protect yourself from the Apple cryptocurrency scam

If you come across any advertising on websites or social networks that imply something related to Apple and cryptocurrencies, do not trust it. Take note of these Recommendations to discard any suspicious publication:

-Look carefully at its typography and logo. Surely they are not the officials, so it will be a first factor to suspect.

-Also look at where the information comes from and what the source is, check if the website or social network account is the company's real one. For example, the official company username on X is @Apple.

-Do not trust tweets from “verified” accounts of

-Be wary if a shortened URL is included. Also domains ending in .xyz.

-The best advice you can do is ignore these types of ads or messages and, above all, do not click on any links they may include.

Apple financial services that are real

Remember that, although Apple has financial products, at the moment it does not have any cryptocurrency services. The company does have some financial services in operation that have nothing to do with virtual currencies:

– Apple Wallet: the company's platform where you can store credit cards, tickets, tickets or QR codes, among other files.

– Apple Pay: the system with which to have credit cards directly on an iPhone thanks to NFC.

In the United States it also has other services such as Apple Card, which is a physical credit and debit card, as well as Apple Cash, which is a kind of “Bizum” from the Cupertino company.

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