Bit2Me, named one of the most trusted crypto platforms ahead of Binance or Coinbase


When making investments and operating with cryptocurrencies, trust is essential. Working with a secure platform, in which transactions are carried out easily and with transparency, where the customer’s comfort is thought of, offering them the best support and a wide range of products and conditions is essential, but it is not always easy to choose the right one. best exchange.

To help users in this task, Cointelegraph Research has produced a new edition of the report in which it analyzes the main crypto platforms and in it Bit2Me has been named as one of the most reliable crypto platforms.

In this article you will find a detailed analysis of the report and the reasons why Bit2Me has won such an important distinction.

What does the Cointelegraph Research report analyze?

The report “The New Crypto Exchange Standards” prepared by Cointelegraph Research has analyzed Binance, Bit2Me, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bybit, Coinbase, HTX, Kraken and OKX, nine of the main cryptocurrency platforms worldwide.

The research takes into account aspects such as accessibility, cybersecurity, customer service and many other variables that allow us to determine which is the most reliable exchange internationally.

In this edition, Bit2Me has been the crypto platform that has achieved the best scores, thus earning the distinction of being the one that offers the greatest trust to consumers.

Why Bit2Me is one of the most trusted crypto platforms

According to the conclusions of the study, Bit2Me is positioned as one of the safest and most complete exchanges in the cryptocurrency market, as it stands out for its cybersecurity policy, which has obtained the highest score of all the exchanges analyzed.

This is because Bit2Me has no history of hacking and is the only exchange that has ISO 22301 certification – and has also just renewed 27001 – standing out for its financial transparency.

Bit2Me also demonstrates its commitment to the security of clients’ assets by not allowing the remortgage of collateral on loans, something that is considered safer for users.

Another aspect where it stands out from the rest is that it is not registered in a tax haven, but is located in Spain, a pro-consumer jurisdiction.

As for crypto custody providers, Bit2Me has an alliance with Ledger Enterprise to reinforce Bit2Me’s high-security treasury management service with a €150 million policy with Lloyd’s. In this sense, Cointelegraph Research assesses that the majority of the exchanges analyzed do not have an association similar to that of Bit2Me.

Comparison between Bit2Me and the rest of the exchanges analyzed

The report also notes that Binance, Bit2Me, Kraken and OKX are the only ones that have a ‘zero-knowledge’ proof or a third-party auditor as part of their PoR, while others such as Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Bybit do not.

The report also highlights that Bit2Me has a wide range of products and conditions, on par with platforms such as Binance and Coinbase, even with superior services such as tax reporting with an online consultant.

Bit2Me also stands out for its multilingual customer support, which has obtained a high score (8/10 points) and the accessibility of the user interface (A). Furthermore, among all the platforms compared, Bit2Me, along with Bitstamp and OKX, are the only ones that do not have conflicts with regulators.

You can see the complete comparison table at the end of this article.


For all these reasons analyzed, the Cointelegraph Research report considers that Bit2Me is the platform that users can trust the most when making their investments and transactions with cryptocurrencies.

If you have not tried it yet, we encourage you to access it and check the ease of using its services, its extensive catalog of products and its accurate commitment to cybersecurity so that every investment is made safely and easily for users. regardless of the level of crypto knowledge they have.

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Bit2Me report graph

Bit2Me has commissioned the development of this Cointelegraph Research report that has analyzed 40 fundamental factors of the 9 most important exchanges in the world. The score obtained and reflected in the report is based on metrics and certifications obtained by all the companies analyzed. The audited points have been considered the most important for users and those that will mark the future of exchanges during 2024.

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